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Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Day Two

June 27, 2012


This morning was off the hook! AJay texted me at 5:56 am to let me know that she was on her way to my house. Disgruntled and unamused I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on my high water pants and hit the door. We arrived at 6:15. Yes 15 minutes early. Uggggghhh. […]

Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Day One

June 25, 2012


I’m officially back on the wagon! Yep that’s right I joined a 30 Day boot camp in Uptown and let’s just say it was clearly on! I haven’t worked out consistently since I moved to Oakland last August so this morning was a struggle especially because class started at 6:30 a.m. I am not a […]

Feeling the Heat!

June 21, 2012


The Miami Heat sealed the deal on Thursday night; they are the 2012 NBA Champions. So much can be said about this series but the bottom line is that the Heat played harder, stronger, smarter and more aggressively than the Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC entered the finals with a striking blow to the Heat but […]

Thunder UP!

June 12, 2012


The 2012 NBA Finals begin Tuesday and I’m SUPER pumped! The season started in dramatic fashion with an extended lock out followed by the Chris Paul trade that turned the league upside down and outraged some fans. Of course I’m pulling for the Oklahoma City Thunder but this is going to be a very entertaining series to […]