Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Day Two

Posted on June 27, 2012


This morning was off the hook! AJay texted me at 5:56 am to let me know that she was on her way to my house. Disgruntled and unamused I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on my high water pants and hit the door. We arrived at 6:15. Yes 15 minutes early. Uggggghhh.

We start the warm-ups and get past the jumping jacks when Martin says, “Ok ladies MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS!!!!!!!!” Great! I hate mountain climbers but push through them anyway. Out of breath and over it Martin says, “That will teach yah to get a deal online ladies. Most of you are here because your friend found it and sent it to you and now yah girl isn’t here with you is she?”

I replied,”uhhmmm mine is here…so there sir!” The funniest part is that as he was talking smack Alicia cut her eyes at me and laughed because that’s exactly how this boot camp situation went down except I didn’t bail on the idea after we purchased it…in fact she’s the reason I’m hanging in there.

As usual we ran about four laps lol I walked and ran. I’m not a runner at all and of course Alicia stayed behind to push me. I thought I was going to die but like always I survived. We have a good time even though we are being tortured. During the “skip” work out I quit and Alicia came up behind me shouting, “Girl you bettah skip.” Ahahahahaha all of my Madea and Mr. Brown fans know what that’s about lol.

I think Martin took the cake today with his “mashed potatah” not mashed potatoe… but potatah. Yes our trainer dances while we do squat jumps. Ahahahhaha it’s a mess but let him tell it…that dance made his wife fall in love with him. Lol I guess love truly is blind because that dance is out of control but it does help me keep my mind off the pain. Hey whatever works right?

Monday we had about seven ladies in class and today it doubled in size which was really cool. Ms. Jamie is a woman we met on the 1st day. She’s probably in her late 40’s and she’s pretty fit but she said she came back because she knew we’d be there and she didn’t want to be a quitter. That type of accountability is awesome. I must confess that Alicia “Drill Sergeant” Smith and a trip to Miami are the reason I got out of bed but hey those are minor details. The point is…there is nothing like a group of ladies getting it in early in the morning. We vary in age, ethnicity, fitness level, shapes and sizes but we have one common goal and we go hard!

Day two is in the books and and I’m already sore! It’s going to be a long day. Lol even though my pants were too short… ahahaah my {work out} game is long! Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!