Feeling the Heat!

Posted on June 21, 2012


The Miami Heat sealed the deal on Thursday night; they are the 2012 NBA Champions. So much can be said about this series but the bottom line is that the Heat played harder, stronger, smarter and more aggressively than the Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC entered the finals with a striking blow to the Heat but they couldn’t keep the momentum going and on Thursday night they had a complete melt down losing 121-106.

MVP LeBron James put up his first triple double of the season. He finished with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assist. He called the win a dream come true and I’m sure he feels vindicated after all the media scrutiny he endured last year after losing to the Dallas Mavericks. That said…I have to side with Magic Johnson who said that none of these guys have reached Michael Jordan’s status yet.

Calm down everybody…you may call LeBron James the King but Jordan is an NBA God and as much as I hate to admit it…Kobe is next in line.

On a personal note I’m heart broken and downright pist but it is what it is; Miami brought the Heat! As all of you know I was totally pulling for the Thunder but I guess there is always next year.  As for this year I owe my boss lunch and the boy toy dinner. Now do you see why I don’t bet? I’ve always been a sore loser and an obnoxious winner.

On the bright side the Miami Heat have now won their second championship and Dwyne Wade and Udonis Haslem have been around for both of them. I was personally pretty pumped to see Juwan Howard of the Fab 5 finally get a ring and let’s not forget about Mike Miller who had an injury plagued season but came off the bench and hit four three pointers for 12 first-half points.

See… I can give credit where it’s due…I’m not a complete hater lol I’m just not into crowning LeBron James the King after one ring. If it was all about him he would have done it in Cleveland…but it’s about the team and tonight the better team won. I’m woman enough to admit it but mark my words… we haven’t heard the last of the Oklahoma City Thunder. They’re young but they learn fast and next year it’s on! For now it’s all about Miami and tonight the world is feeling the HEAT!


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