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Fitness, Football, Life!

September 30, 2013


Life has been absolutely crazy and I realize that I haven’t posted in FOREVER! A few of you have reached out and asked about my blog post and then Sunday after the Oakland Raiders game my boy called me out and put me on BLAST about how I’ve been neglecting my blog, so I decided […]

Super Bowl XLVII: Game Reflections & Party Pics

February 6, 2013


I’m a few days late posting the pictures from Super Bowl XLVII but my sister Elisabeth and I  had a blast at Sean and Karli’s house. They are die hard San Francisco 49ers fans so I was on my best behavior…kind of! Lol Anyway, the food was awesome, the drinks were flowing, Beyonce killed it and […]

Redskins Trent Williams & Seahawks Richard Sherman: The Mush

January 7, 2013


I spent my Sunday afternoon watching NFL football in sweat pants and a Cal hoodie with my friend Alicia Jay of TallSWAG. We were complete bums and it was awesome. As we watched the Washington Redskins completely unfold I’d had enough. I can’t stand Pete Carroll for a few reasons and it all started during […]

Robert Griffin III: Is he Black Enough?

December 14, 2012


It angers me that we as Americans are still having some of the conversations that we are having; it’s 2012 and we’ve come so far but have so much progress to make. Earlier this week, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III was questioned about being an African-American in the NFL and he told reporters that […]

Chad Johnson on First Take: “I was Wrong!”

December 5, 2012


Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday, to discuss his short marriage to reality star Evelyn Lozado, infidelity, the domestic violence that led to their divorce and his future in NFL. Let me start by saying that I steered clear of this story when it first broke over the […]

Aaron Rodgers to Critics: SHHHHH!!!!!!!!

October 14, 2012


I’m not gonna lie…I’ve been quiet for a reason and after last week’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts this Green Bay Packers fan was concerned but I was so relieved when I got home from work Sunday evening in time to watch my squad put a hurtin on the undefeated (5-0) Houston Texans. Holla! I […]

Replacement Refs on MNF: What a Joke!

September 25, 2012


The replacement referees have been out of control since the 2012 season began three weeks ago but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has officially allowed them to turn the greatest sport on earth into the greatest show on earth. In my opinion the NFL has become one big circus; the refs are complete clowns and if […]