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Dunk of the Year? Wait…it’s only January!

January 31, 2012


So…I was going to let this “Dunk of the Year” nonsense go without saying anything, but this has gotten completely out of control. ESPN has pushed me to the limit on their ability to pump ANY and EVERYTHING! I’m watching SportsCenter on Tuesday night and John Brenkus is breaking down the differences in Blake Griffin’s […]

When Fans Go Too Far!

January 26, 2012


San Francisco 49ers receiver Kyle Williams received death threats after he committed two key turnovers which ultimately put the New York Giants in a position to kick a field goal in overtime and win the NFC Championship game at Candle Stick Park. The final score (20-17) sent some fans over the edge, they took to […]

R.I.P JoePa!

January 22, 2012


Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno died Sunday morning of lung cancer at age 85. “JoePa” holds the record for the most wins in college football with 409 wins in 46 seasons and two national titles. His storied career was marred in November when he was suddenly fired from Penn State amid a child […]

GIANT Mistake!

January 19, 2012


I got off Bart at the Embarcadero station in the city Thursday morning, picked up The Examiner and this was on the front page, “Giant Biden blunder” Dagnabbitt! JOE!!!!! Will you ever get it right? Calm down! Think! Think again! And then Speak! Vice President Joe Biden is known for his public flubs. In 2008 […]

No Place Like Home!

January 19, 2012


Lamar Odom visited the Staples Center twice this week. The Sixth Man of the Year began his career as a forward with the Los Angeles Clippers but won two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and although he played for some other teams in between he’s called the Staples Center his home for most of […]

One and Done!

January 17, 2012


My Packers are done and I’m heart broken. I posted a video blog immediately after the game but recapping the whole game was just too much. After this post, I will officially accept defeat and let it go, if you guys allow me too. I took so much heat after the Packers lost on Sunday […]

History Repeats Itself!

January 15, 2012


It’s been about nine years since the San Francisco 49ers have made the playoffs, and after a 13-3 regular season Niner fans are ecstatic to see their squad return to glory. It’s funny because as a child in Sacramento I didn’t know what an NFL post season was without the 49ers and although I’m a […]