2014: Work Hard & Watch God Work!

Posted on December 31, 2013


2013 is coming to a close in a few hours and all I can say is, “WOOSAH! We made it!” It had it’s ups and downs, it was full of good days and bad days but I for one cannot complain. 2014

The good definitely outweighed the bad and to my surprise it ended completely different than it began. I started graduate school on January 8th (my birthday). That lasted about three weeks and then realized that I didn’t need a Masters degree in Sport Management because of all of my prior and current work experiences.

I’ve also lost about 15 pounds and until about three weeks ago, I’d been in the gym diligently. No worries I’m back at it ASAP but getting in shape was one of the best things I could have done for myself in 2013.

Lastly, in September I started working as a freelance reporter on Good Day Sacramento. That was nowhere on my radar at the beginning of the year. I missed working on the air so much but it wasn’t until I gave it up and let go that it came back. There’s a song that we sang in church as kids called, “That’s when You Blessed Me” and all I can say is that God never breaks a promise, he ALWAYS completes what he begins and when you let go he steps in and turns things upside down when we least expect it. goodday

God has completely blown my mind this year and I’m humbled by the opportunities that have come my way. The theme for 2013 was “Greatness Awaits!” and when my friend Amber of TalktoAmber.com and I decided to go with that theme we had no idea what was in store for either of us. 2013 totally taught me to let go and go with it…God showed OUT for both of us.goodday2

I’m so grateful to have a community of friends and family who not only love me but believe in me and in my gifts and talents.

So as we approach 2014, I can only resolve to be a better me in 2014 than I was in 2013. I have written down some personal and career goals that include working on my fitness, preparing for a partner, getting closer to God and saving money for my future. I will also try to work on this blog and my vlog more lol it kind of got neglected with my crazy new work schedule.

Anyway, I turn 33 on Wednesday, January 8th and IT IS CLEARLY ON!

The motto for 2014 is “Work Hard & Watch God Work!” That simply means that I will be diligent in my pursuit knowing that God is in control and will open doors on my behalf.

In 2014, I encourage all of you to go after that thing that occupies your thoughts, takes over your dreams and wakes you up at night. That my friends is purpose and it won’t leave you alone until you walk in it!

I love all of you and I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store for all of us…Cheers to 2014! 20142

Love Always,


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