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Posted on September 30, 2013


Life has been absolutely crazy and I realize that I haven’t posted in FOREVER!

A few of you have reached out and asked about my blog post and then Sunday after the Oakland Raiders game my boy called me out and put me on BLAST about how I’ve been neglecting my blog, so I decided to check in with all of you to provide updates, and to let you know that I haven’t completely fallen off the planet.

So where should we start?

I know!
Let’s start with the Green Bay Packers. I saw my team play for the 1st time EVER on September 8th when they faced the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park in the season opener. Although the Niners beat the Pack (34-28) I had an amazing time.

My girl Tonya is a die-hard SF fan so we went together. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, so much so that I couldn’t sleep the night before and at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the game I ran into my living room shouting, “WAKE UP T! It’s GAME DAY! It’s GAME DAY!” Yes I was that pumped up and needless to say she was unamused at my excitement that early in the morning. packers9ers2

We had a blast, the 9er fans were super cool but there were so many Packers fans reppin’ that I was right at home. We even befriended some Canadian guys. Lol don’t ask…ya’ll know I make friends everywhere I go. Just know that they were super cool Packers fans that had a thing for 2Pac and black women … lol who knew?

All in all it was a magical day that I will never forget. Watching Clay Matthews ‘BEAST OUT” will always be tattooed on my heart. My squad lost but they didn’t get trampled so I was happy. packers9ers3

Moving ON….

A lot of you know that I was a sideline reporter, and morning personality before moving to the Bay area. Well, after five long years, and a lot of pain and agony, I’ve been given a chance to return to the airwaves as a Freelance Reporter for Good Day in Sacramento and surrounding cities. I go live from the Stockton area on weekends and it’s been the BOMB! I’m from Sacramento and grew up watching Good Day Sacramento so this opportunity has been everything I imagined it would be and then some. Going live in my home market has me pinching myself. Jainawatchngtv
I’m so grateful that God put people in my life who support my dreams when I’d given up on them. It’s also a reminder that no matter what happens God has the last say…PERIOD! I’m not sure how long I will be doing this for Good Day but I’ve decided to enjoy it, live in the moment and ride it until the wheels fall off. I absolutely love meeting new people and exploring. Lol you know I have to love it, only love would have me awake and fully dressed at 3:00 a.m. on weekends.

We went live in Oakland on Sunday at O.CO. I must say that Raiders fans know how to have a good time. Raiderstailgate1

We caught up with several tailgaters from the ‘530’ you can see that clip and others here.


Chile, the ‘Get Yo Life Tour’ hasn’t stopped and it won’t! Lol Don’t Stop! Get IT! Get IT!
Yes, I am still getting it in at Boxing for Health. I actually started training with Troy Monday and I know I will be in pain and cussing him out on Tuesday morning. Troytraining1

It’s funny because when I first started working out there he told me I wasn’t about that life. Well, 10 pounds down and almost 20 inches later, I’m still here and he’s tasked with training me. HA! We will see how this works out. My schedule has gotten completely hectic so I can’t attend Shane’s Saturday class, which is a total bummer because I love his classes… but I’m dedicated to my regimen so I’ve adjusted accordingly; getting healthy and fit are at the top of priority list.

My new schedule has me working out with Troy on Monday, taking O.T’s classes on Tuesday and Thursday and I recently started working out at Game Changer Fitness in Oakland on Wednesday night with Jenn. I take Boot Camp 2 but it’s more like Crossfit and I love it. I guess I am about that life after all huh? gamechanger1

I’m so committed to getting this thing right once and for all, plus I’m getting stronger and I have an awesome team in my corner. I can’t give up on myself especially when I know that they WON’T give up on me. weekinreview
I didn’t think that I’d EVER see the day that I actually enjoyed going to gym classes, but it’s really become the highlight of my day. Something about pushing myself beyond myself is exhilarating.

So yeah… that’s been my Crazy, Busy, Beautiful life in a nutshell. happiness