Oakland A’s vs. Los Angeles Angels: Basesball Season is my Offseason!

Posted on July 28, 2013


My friends were in town Saturday so we met up at O.co Coliseum to watch the A’s take on the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim). I’m sorry I know the Angels changed their name several years ago now but I still think it’s silly.

Anyway, O.co Coliseum was rockin. I’ve been in a two year love affair with the City of Oakland so it’s no surprise that I think A’s fans are amazing. Most of them are Warriors and Raiders fans and they’re down for their teams to say the least. I also love that Too $hort songs play randomly through the Coliseum speakers and fans of all ages and ethnicities go crazy, just like they do when the Golden State Warriors play ‘I Got Five on it’. That never ceases to amaze me. I haven’t gone to a Raiders game yet but I’m anxious to experience it firsthand even though I’m not a fan.

Hangin with Oziel, Carmen & Keiki at O.co Coliseum. A's vs. Angels

Hangin with Oziel, Carmen & Keiki at O.co Coliseum. A’s vs. Angels

I love going to baseball games because I can go hang out and chill. I don’t have a team so I take in the sights and sounds; people-watching is priceless. I also get to see how crazy I must look to other people during football and basketball season. I get pretty intense and have been known to kick things so this is definitely my offseason. My biggest concern was finding a bedazzled Oakland A’s hat and cute t-shirt to match but once I found them I was set.

I’m also pretty biased about A’s colors…..something about Green and Yellow just melts my heart! #PACKERS!

We had a blast! It was great to catch up with my friends Oziel, Carmen and Keiki…Thanks for the tickets O!

Now back to baseball….

The Angels- A’s series ended on Sunday with the A’s winning game four 10-6 after being down by five. Oakland won three out of four games in the series taking a six-game lead in the AL West.

The A’s are on FIRE!