NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs (Game 3)

Posted on May 11, 2013


The Warriors-Spurs series has been absolutely amazing. WARRIORSGAME1

The series opened in San Antonio Tuesday. The Warriors were up 16 points in Game 1, but lost 129-127 in double overtime. The Warriors battled back and won Game 2 in San Antonio 100-91 and then came home to Oakland, California for Game 3.

Let me just start by saying that television doesn’t do the NBA Playoffs justice; the atmosphere is electrifying and fans are amped up. This was my first time ever attending an NBA playoff game and it didn’t disappoint. It was everything I expected and then some. I also love that the Warriors are the only team in the league that plays home grown music. “I’ve got five on it plays several times a night during the regular season, and playoffs are no different. WARRIORSGAME3

There was enough energy inside Oracle Arena to power the entire City of Oakland. They don’t call Warriors fans “the sixth man” for nothing — they punk the opposing teams and wayward fans. Everybody was given a gold t-shirt with the words “We are Warriors” printed across the front. If you dare to be different and not wear the shirt, the “Put On Your Shirt” cam finds you and the fans boo you until you cave in and wear the shirt. Nobody– and I mean nobody– is exempt, not even children.

I know it’s cold, but Welcome to Oakland!

My friend Alicia Jay of TallSWAG asked me to accompany her mom, so I tried to be on my best behavior. But Mom was just as excited as the other fans, and she knows her basketball. She was coaching the boys up all night and boy did they need it. WARRIORSGAME2

The Warriors wouldn’t rebound for anything. Jared Jack seemed to forget that it was game three of the playoffs and folded during the second half. The refs were making terrible calls, and just when we thought things were bad they got worse. Stephen Curry started hobbling around. Yes folks, his ankle was bothering him, and it was as if somebody let the air out of the arena.

Everybody gasped at once, but the good-spirited fans wouldn’t give up. They held out hope until the end but it just wasn’t enough. The Spurs took Game 3, winning 102-92, and now lead the series 2-1.

I officially can’t stand Tim Duncan, and those refs need a quick refresh, but I’m confident that the fellas will battle back and take Game 4. The Warriors are a young, fast team and they don’t dwell on past games, so I’m sure they’ll bring the heat on Sunday in Oakland to even the series.

The fans will definitely be ready.

Warriors fans have a ‘ride or collide’ mentality and they showed it when they started chanting, “Refs you SUCK! Refs you SUCK!”

It was pure comedy.

Speaking of comedy Dave Chappelle was in the house and so was Frank Gore… but as most of you know I was unamused with the latter. I support my Bay Area teams except when it comes to NFL football. Then the lines in the sand are drawn and it’s Packers all day on mine!

For now though, the Warriors battle on and Bay Area fans have declared that this is Warriors Ground!