Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith: Week Three Workouts!

Posted on March 23, 2013


Well, well, well, week three is almost in the bag and although my workouts started out slow this week I got them in toward the end.

Boxing for Health

Boxing for Health

I took a boxing class at Flex Circuit Gym on Tuesday with Marcus (the mad man). Wednesday and Thursday I took classes at Boxing for Health, Friday, Marcus tortured me in a personal training session at Flex and then Saturday it was back to Boxing for health with crazy Troy. Sunday I plan on working out with my friend Asha who is training to instruct classes at Bar Method in Oakland. I will let you know how that goes in next week’s post.

Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment but it’s all paying off.

I feel great, my shape is changing and I’m losing weight.


Now, let’s talk about these trainers. I love them but these brothas are crazy!

Every wk32time I hear Marcus shout, “C.B!” I know I didn’t squat low enough or kick hard enough. OMG! He has crazy circuit workouts that include me pulling all 250 pounds of him across the room on a skateboard and when he realized I could do it, he started dragging his hands and feet. He swears that he’s 220 but I’m not buying it. I happen to be an expert in sizing up big men and he’s not 220…NOT BUYING IT!

Anyway, we did TRX training, wall ball, triceps kick-backs, snakes (with that stupid rope lol again he stood on it, sit-ups (where he stood on a chain and I held the ends while he pulled and pushed me.) Oh, and we did some boxing drills that included kicks, knee-ups and a whole lot of other stuff that showed me what I was capable of when pushed to the limit. It lasted an hour and a half and I can’t recall all of it but I survived and I must say that I’m a BAD-MAMA-JAMMA!

Marcus is good at what he does and he’s able to gauge what his clients are actually capable of and what they’re just simply avoiding. Like always I ended up chasing him and putting him in a headlock when we were done because he made me drink some green sludge from the juice bar next door. It was actually pretty good but you know I have to be difficult.

NOW…let’s talk about Troy at Boxing for Health. I’ve learned to NEVER finish my sets early because he just assigns another workout. Today, he told me that his job was to kick my ass not kiss it! I just hit him in the back and said, “Well thanks for that SIR!” Oh and his big thing is SWAG! wk3calorie

“Hit with SWAG…Don’t hit like you don’t know what you doing in my class. You gotta hit hard and with SWAG or you will be on Instagram looking like (Manny) Pacquiao and Imma laugh!”

My goodness…who says that?

Troy says that!

All I can do is laugh and shake my head at him…he’s hilarious. He makes it fun and he knows what he’s doing. I go in there prepared to work.

And Troy is right! Hard work = Results!

I’m seeing the results and doing my best to hang with the fellas even when I’m tired and winded.

I weigh in on Monday and I know that if I keep putting in work like I have been I will keep getting results.

As always thanks for your support it means so much.

Until Monday….Keep Shredding!