Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith: Week Two Workouts!

Posted on March 16, 2013


Piloxing (top left), Free Weights (bottom left) and Miguel training clients at Boxing for Health (right)

Piloxing (top left), Free Weights (bottom left) and Miguel training clients at Boxing for Health (right)

Week two is almost over and I’m SUPER sore!

This week I tried Piloxing at Flex Circuit Gym on Monday. Tuesday I took a free Crossfit class at the church community center across the street from my house, Wednesday I rested, Thursday I worked out and did weights at Flex, took a break on Friday and Saturday I took a boxing class at Boxing for Health.

Can I just say that I LOVE that place?


The workout is brutal but there is something about pounding the bag  and pushing your body beyond what you thought it could do; it’s exhilarating. Boxing for Health is a small local gym that offers several classes, offers boot camps and has great rates. The owner Miguel is the coolest guy that you will ever meet, plus the trainers and other staff members are efficient and helpful. All the trainers are boxers but they aren’t intimidating, in fact their goal is to turn members into well-trained, healthy, (amateur) boxers.

I went to the noon intermediate class, Troy was teaching today and he is no joke! I trained with the owner Miguel the first time I went; I kept telling him that he’s nicer than Troy. Troy had my hands shaking after class; he also told me that I wasn’t about that ‘Fitness Life’ to which I replied, “Excuse me Sir!”

I signed up for a three-month plan so I guess we will shall see if I’m about that life. I was quiet today (which is unusual…I know) but Troy should know that he just found a new, obnoxious friend in me.

I figure if I work out with the fellas at Boxing for Health at least three days a week and take classes, walk the lake or hop on a machine the other two days, I should achieve my goals in no time.

Piloxing was fun and offered great cardio but the instructor kept saying, “Be a ballerina, like when we were little girls.”

Maaam!!! I didn’t wanna be a ballerina as a child and I’m not one now. I know it sounds obnoxious but it’s true and she was killing me. I kept laughing hysterically.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost on the scale this week but I feel my body transforming daily. I tend to lose inches before pounds but the ‘Shred Diet’ is definitely helping to even it out.

Anyway, I weigh in on Monday and will update you on my results. I appreciate the support and I love that so many of us ar a part of Shredder Nation. People have reached out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are sharing tips, recipes and just encouraging each other; I love it!

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