Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith: Week One Results & Intro to Week Two!

Posted on March 11, 2013


Well….today was the big day! THE WEIGH IN!!!!!!!!!

I survived week one and accomplished a lot. Click here to see how I lost 5 pounds the 1st week!

I’m sooo happy and motivated! I can’t believe it!

I’m on this journey with my friend Amber Wright from and the support she offers has been phenomenal. She actually told me about something called sassy water and it’s helped me to drink more Sassy Waterwater. You put ginger, peppermint, cucumber and lemons in a pitcher of water and let it sit over night and in the morning you have awesomeness in a glass. I added strawberries; it makes it sweet. I make a pitcher every night and take it to work with me daily.

Week 2 is called Challenge and I’m up for it! I’m eating yummy food and feeling great!

Thanks for all of the support!