Super Bowl XLVII: Game Reflections & Party Pics

Posted on February 6, 2013


I’m a few days late posting the pictures from Super Bowl XLVII but my sister Elisabeth and I  had a blast at Sean and Karli’s house. They are die hard San Francisco 49ers fans so I was on my best behavior…kind of! Lol

Super Bowl XLVII Host & Hostess!

Super Bowl XLVII Host & Hostess!

Anyway, the food was awesome, the drinks were flowing, Beyonce killed it and if the NFL wants to keep the integrity of the league in good standing, they better figure it out and fast. Missed calls and penalties are unacceptable on a stage this large and dont EVEN get me started on that power outage!

What a HOTT Mess!!!! That was bad for business on so many levels and the backlash would have been even worse if the 49ers had won after the momentum shifted in their favor. Lol the Baltimore Ravens have an older squad and the lights were out for over 35 minutes…lol aint nobody got time fah dat! Ahahahah

All in all I enjoyed this year’s game. I’m happy that Ray Lewis went out with a bang but I was looking forward to the Niners bringing the Lombardi trophy back to the bay so I could hate! But it would have been a happy hatred…if that makes sense.

Yes! Lol I’m still bitter because the Niners spanked my Green Bay Packers like they stold something.

Most of all I enjoyed how Beyonce came into the biggest boys club in the world and shut it down!!!! Lol Girls really do run this!

Check out the pics from the party below. The featured images are a few pics that my family and friends sent to me. I’m surrounded by the cutest lil 49er fans and I can’t hate on that…I love my Packers but I also love the kids…maybe one day I’ll convert them to the Green & Yellow.

These are some of the cutest 49ers fans I know!

These are some of the cutest 49ers fans I know!