Chad Johnson on First Take: “I was Wrong!”

Posted on December 5, 2012


Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday, to discuss his short marriage to reality star Evelyn Lozado, infidelity, the domestic violence that led to their divorce and his future in NFL.

Let me start by saying that I steered clear of this story when it first broke over the summer because I have a problem with Evelyn Lozado. She’s made a name for herself by violently bullying other women on television to make money and then after the altercation with Johnson she suddenly became the victim and poster child for domestic violence.

I do not nor have I ever condoned men hitting women or women hitting men for that matter. I do have a problem with people who pimp serious issues for publicity and will do anything for attention.

These two have done just that!

For Johnson, it all  had a huge price tag. The bottom line is he got hit in his pockets and that seems to have caught his attention.

On Wednesday when he sat down with the First Take crew he made an admission that we’ve never heard before. He told Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless that it was his fault and took responsibility for his actions.

“Because I know I’m in the wrong. Perception on the outside, everybody sees this one way, okay you got cut. There was a domestic dispute for one. Which was all my fault. Because I’m living life the way it shouldn’t be lived, which is why I lost everything I did… It is what it is. I made the bed. I’m laying in it. I paid the price.”

I for one am glad that he has finally admitted that he did this to himself. The truth is that Ocho Cinco got bigger than Chad Johnson and anytime the ego gets bigger than the man he’s doomed.

Johnson continuously said that nobody can tell him how to eat and he’s right. We can’t tell him how to make money or how to run his life but there is a problem when people know more about your reality headlines than your football stats. When ESPN is reporting what TMZ said about you as a professional ball player…WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

Smith and Bayless also pressured him on his quiet stint with the New England Patriots and his short stint with the Miami Dolphins. At times the debate got heated and he was condescending but he never blamed either organization for his actions. The wide receiver actually feels like he will get a second chance to play in the NFL and if a team decides to give him that chance, more power to them.

After listening to the First Take podcast, I don’t understand why people on message boards, Facebook post and Twitter feeds are bashing Chad Johnson.

What do you guys want from the man?  He was candid and real!

He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!

Besides the fact that I can’t stand Skip Bayless; I don’t see anything wrong with Chad Johnson’s segment on First Take. Everybody is in a tizzy for now because the situation is fresh and hasn’t died down. But what we all know is that as soon as Johnson finishes his 26 week program, shows remorse and a team signs him, the negative publicity will go away.

Johnson spoke his peace, now he should lay low, work out and get ready for next season.

Besides, America loves a comeback…if Brittney Spears can do it…Chad Johnson can do it! He won’t have auto tune but that’s why he has a publicist.