Replacement Refs on MNF: What a Joke!

Posted on September 25, 2012


The replacement referees have been out of control since the 2012 season began three weeks ago but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has officially allowed them to turn the greatest sport on earth into the greatest show on earth.

In my opinion the NFL has become one big circus; the refs are complete clowns and if Goodell aka the ring master doesn’t fix it now the league’s reputation will suffer.

Players have been fussing about bad calls and how it could affect their safety since preseason and NFL suits have tried convincing all of us that it’s not as bad as it seems.

They were right…it’s worse. Oakland Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey was hospitalized with a concussion and strained neck Sunday after a helmet to helmet hit that went uncalled by the replacement refs and then Monday night they blew the biggest play EVER!

The Seahawks were trailing 12-7 and on the final play quarterback Russell Wilson through a Hail Mary pass into the end zone and into a pack of players. Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings seemingly secured the ball and comes down with it while scrapping with Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and several other players when the refs call it a TOUCHDOWN! (Tate also pushed off on the same play…#liljerk!)

Excuse me? What the Hell? A TOUCHDOWN! COMPLETE BS! The refs on the ground gave conflicting signals and for good reason…It was NOT a touchdown and somehow Coach Carroll and his players and fans are excited. Child Please! Wilson and Tate can pretend it was a fair call but we all know what we saw and Goodell will have to answer to fans and players on Tuesday morning on this and other missed calls.

According to the league rules if a pass is caught simultaneously the tie goes to the runner but it’s not simultaneous if one player has control first and the opponent later gains control.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years of football,” Packers Coach Mike McCarthy said, after he had said, “Don’t ask me about the officials.”

Aaron Rodgers called the play awful and his teammates and peers around the league expressed their disgust and disbelief on Twitter.

I of course took to Facebook, kicked a chair and argued with Oakland Raiders fans in the sports bar. One guy kept talking to me and I had to kindly escort him out of the bar. Lol it was clearly time for him to go home and get the hell out of my face.

I don’t give a damn what they have to do to get a deal done with the permanent officiating crew but they need to get it done ASAP! No ifs and or buts about it! Fans complain about the refs all the time but the replacement referees are fans in zebra suits. They don’t know whether they’re going or coming. One ESPN analyst said that these refs are high school and college referees who are now under immense pressure.

Uhhhmmm NO! NO! NO! If these refs ever officiated a high school game in my old neighborhood…they’d get run the hell outta dodge!

I said all of that to say enough is enough…it’s time for them to GO!!! And now you see why I could never be a coach? You think Coach Belichick acted out on Sunday when he yanked the refs arm lol tonight I would have wrote a check to the league, snatched a ref, kicked the goal post and put that punk-ass, dancing, Seahawk mascot in a headlock.

Ahhahahaaha that thing annoyed the hell out of me…dancing in the camera during post-game interviews.

All in all…Monday night’s game ended terribly. I’m a Packers fan so of course I was mad at the outcome but as a football fan I can’t believe that a game I love so much has come to this…they’ve gotta fix it and fast!