Memorial Stadium Unveiled!

Posted on September 10, 2012


The newly remodeled Memorial Stadium opened on September 1st as the Cal Golden Bears faced Nevada. The game was brutal to say the least. The Bears lost 31-24 and if thats a sign of things to come it’s going to be a long season for Cal fans. They have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball and it may be time for Coach Tedford to take a bow and ride into the sunset.

I went to the game with my sister Elisabeth (Libby) and her friends who are all alumni; we were excited to see the new stadium and to cheer for our friends who currently play on the team. The new stadium is AWESOME! Lol it better be…it cost $321 million.

About sixty thousand fans showed up…the house was rockin and then the game started and the excitement ultimately died. I had a good time anyway…I lost my voice because I was shouting and coaching from the stands. Libby found herself on the big screen after she got mad and started jumping up and down and fussing about a missed tackle. Lol what can I say the Baileys are passionate about defense and her entire tantrum was caught on camera. Maybe we should coach.

The Bears went on to beat Southern Utah on Saturday Septmber 8th but thats not saying much…they’re a Division I-AA team.

I guess Cal fans will just have to hang tight and see what the season holds. No worries though…if it gets too bad there is a brand new bar behind the alumni section and I was told that alums drink for free. Maybe that will help ease some of the pain.

We took lots of pics and had a blast even though the Golden Bears were getting blasted…check them out below.