Sweet Revenge: Dodgers vs. Giants

Posted on July 30, 2012


The boys in blue were back in the bay this weekend and it wasn’t pretty for the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers finished the three-game sweep Sunday following Clayton Kershaw’s five-hit shutout, defeating the Giants 4-0; the two teams are now tied for first in the NL West.

This series is a far cry from last month’s series at AT&T Park. Not only did the Giants sweep the Dodgers but they finished without allowing a single run…and so the rivalry continued.

That’s where I come in…time for the fun stuff!

Friday evening I got word that my friend and former coworker got an awesome job opportunity and wanted to gift a club level seat to the Giants-Dodgers game on Saturday evening.

Duh! Of course I accepted!

Now those of you who know me, know that I’m not that into baseball. In fact, this is the one sport where I’m just fine admitting that I’m a “total girl.” I never really got into baseball until I covered it as a sports reporter and most of the time as a fan my attention span takes over before the fifth inning.

This, however, was a different story. I love this historic rivalry, I love hanging out with other hard core sports chics and I love making my girl Melissa mad whenever I get the chance. She goes hard for the Broncos, Lakers and Dodgers. We are at odds most of the time so even though I don’t care that much about the Giants, I just had to buy a cute tee and hoodie to contradict all that blue she was sporting. She thought I looked like a pumpkin but I thought I looked pretty cute in orange. We met up with our friend Karli and she had my back on the orange tee.

Anyway…the atmosphere was amazing and the energy amongst fans was electric. Giants fans know how to have a good time. I was so pumped as the crowd chanted, “Beat L.A! Beat L.A!” Melissa had to kill it by asking if San Fran fans knew that the chant started years ago in Boston during the height of the rivalry with the Lakers. Ahhaha…maybe they don’t know…let them chant anyway and let me join them. Sheesh!

And for the record … I don’t hate the Dodgers… I’m a Nor Cal chic and self-proclaimed band wagoner so cut me a little slack. It was actually really fun to watch Melissa in her element. She handled herself well, even with some of the obnoxious guys who seemed to forget that it was all in good fun…people seriously need to chill out.

I will say that I now see how crazy I must look to my friends who could give two dams about football and basketball…I shout and scream and act a complete fool and they just shake their heads and tune me out. That was me on Friday; Melissa was not playing…she was shouting and screaming and coaching and I just let her go at it. It was a serious situation; one that I can normally relate too.

Speaking of relating…lol…I think that most women agree that Matt Kemp is RIGHT!!!! I know my lady Giants fans don’t like to openly admit it, but deep down inside you know he’s nice.

I know! That was completely off topic and I’m sorry fellas, I also know that my credibility is on the line with this post about cute players and pretty colors but baseball brings it out of me.

All in all I had a great night with my girls…we had lots of random conversations and shared a ton of laughs.

It was a good night even if it was the beginning of a losing weekend for the San Francisco Giants.


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