Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Boxing for Health!

Posted on July 19, 2012


It’s week four and I started it with a sore throat and a headache. There is a summer bug going around and I caught it…it was all bad but Wednesday night I started feeling better and since we didn’t have boot camp this morning I decided to go try a class at Boxing for Health in Oakland near Lake Merritt. It was awesome; I loved it.

I pass by the gym daily on my way to work and I vowed to check it out after I found out that IBF & IBS World Flyweight Champion Ava Knight trains there. We met at Chico Boxing for Fitness years ago during my segment on WakeUp! Action News and that woman is a beast so if she trains there and recommends it…it has to be legit.

Boxing for Health is your typical boxing gym complete with a full size ring, several heavy bags, speed bags, weights, medicine balls, strength bands, jump ropes and of course a booming sound system. The gym is located upstairs on the corner of Santa Clara Avenue and since I’m new I thought I’d get there a little early so I could sign in and meet the instructor; what I didn’t know is that the noon class is an intermediate class and I’m clearly a beginner.

Anyway, I head up the stairs and there is a young man at the desk named Miguel, he greets me with a warm hello and a big, bright, smile. He then handed me the paperwork and told me all about the various classes and the boxing boot camp. To my surprise, the first visit is only five dollars and nobody showed up to class so I got a one on one session with him; a session that normally cost about sixty bucks. At noon he looked at the clock and said, “Looks like it’s just you. So let’s go!” I started laughing and replied, “Wait you’re still having class? Great I’m alone…you’re going to kill me.”

He assured me it would be fine, handed me a jump rope and the warm-up began.  Fifteen minutes later we did, push-ups, ab blasters, crunches, ab twisters, triceps and glutes…then we put on the gloves. Miguel is a fighter so he’s really into teaching his students the basic techniques. When it ended I was winded…he wore me out!

It was tough but it was fun and I honestly didn’t feel like I was there an entire hour. I also appreciate the fact that Miguel worked out with me even though class was pretty much cancelled. Since I paid the 1st time fee he could have easily asked me to come back for the next class where he would have paying customers. That said a lot to me and kindness goes a long way.

I love the warm, comfortable, atmosphere at Boxing for Health. The other people training in the gym were just regular guys from around the way and the people who come to the boot camp and attend classes are just normal people working out…it wasn’t intimidating at all. I also love that Boxing for Health is a neighborhood gym and the owner (Miguel) is a bay area native. I had no idea that he owned the joint; I found out after the workout during small talk. He didn’t have “owner syndrome” instead he was very chill and talked a lot about his teammates in the boxing camp. He actually reminds me of my homeboys at home in Sacramento. He laughed, cracked jokes (some of them were about me) and kept pushing me when I got tired. I’m pretty playful so I hit him a few times for making fun of me but he just blocked my hits…lol go figure.

I enjoy supporting local business owners and working out there kills two birds with one stone. My 30 day boot camp ends next week and I think I know where my next fitness adventure will take me; at this point all signs point to Boxing for Health. Those of you who know me know that I love letting stress out on the bags and I fell in love all over again today.


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