Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Back at It!

Posted on July 12, 2012


It’s Thursday and I’m resting my aching body but after tomorrow week three will be in the books. Although I’m sore and exhausted I’m glad that I’ve kept going and didn’t quit. We had a four day hiatus last week because of the holiday and we paid for it on Monday when classes started again.

Mondays are always rough but after such a long break we struggled as a class. It was a small class lol only four or five of us showed up and Martin and KT tag teamed us again; I think they enjoy beating us up. I was hanging in there until KT called for burpees. The entire class moaned and I looked at the girl next to me and said, “Uhhhmmm where dey do dat at?” She laughed, shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I think it should be against the law to do mountain climbers, burpees and up downs consecutively. Is this corporal punishment or what?” We finished it but it wasn’t easy.

I rested on Tuesday and went back for more on Wednesday morning. Ajay was able to hit it with me too so that always makes it better but it wasn’t any easier especially because my knee started hurting again. I hurt my knee last year during a Crossfit session and it hasn’t been the same. I wear a brace but it cuts into my skin so I definitely have to find a better one without the elastic. Lol I have a lot of leg so I think I need the one that wraps around my knee with snaps; one of the girls said she got one at Big 5 but I couldn’t find it so if any of you have suggestions please share.

The workouts are rough but worth it because I’m seeing results. My clothes are getting looser, I’m getting stronger and the occasional compliment from friends and family are nice too. =}

I’m sure Friday will be out of control but showing up is half the battle. So tomorrow morning when my alarm clock buzzes at 6 o’clock I’m just going to moan and pout all the way out the door. These pounds aren’t going to shed themselves so I gotta stay at it!