Bailey Goes to Boot Camp: Dear Monday

Posted on July 2, 2012


Ugggghhhh MONDAY!!!!!!  I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m. and instead of saying, “Thank You Lord for waking me up.” I shouted, “ I freakin hate Monday! I don’t wanna do this today. Uggghh!”  I then hit snooze before I got up and blindly got dressed. Ironically, I put on my senior t-shirt with a big 98 on the back. Lol 14 years later and this tee still makes me smile and 14 years later I’m still going to P.E class super early in the morning. The difference is Coach Alberghini  gave me credit for putting on sweats under my dress and showing up on my number on time; Martin (the boot camp trainer) not so much.

Anyway, Alicia and I arrive at boot camp grumpy and ready to get it over with and there’s Martin smiling and waiting with the other ladies who are stretching and rolling their eyes at him. It’s all in fun but we are all clearly still mad at him from Friday’s work out.

 Friday was so brutal; every muscle in my body was aching on Saturday morning. We did sprawls which is clearly a “Hell Week” football exercise. It’s the one where we jog in place with high knees and Martin yells, “Drop!” That’s when we hit the ground, chest first and jump back up. Ummm yea about that SIR! It was all bad! Also on Friday Martin decided that my nickname should be pee-wee or sweet pea. He’s decided that Alicia and I are Pee-Wee and Stretch lol he’s too much.

Ok…back to Monday. We get there and he greets us grinning. “Hey Sweet Pea…yah doing ok?” he says. I replied, “Ummm No sir! I’m not ok and this is for Friday” That’s when I took my rolled yoga mat and bopped him on back. Of course he laughs and moves on to teasing Alicia. Warm-ups begin and it’s all a blur from there. He kicked our butts the 1st half and then another trainer named Ms. Katie kicked our butts the second half. They tag-teamed us and it was out of control but I survived…again.

AJay and I decided that we like Martin the best even though he annoys us with his jokes, sprawls and dances. He’s not really annoying; he’s (old guy/dad) annoying and it’s rather amusing that his favorite song is Apple Bottom Jeans by Flo-Rida and yes he sings that too.

We don’t have class from Wednesday through Saturday because of the holiday so we will be back at it tomorrow at 6 a.m. It’s going to hurt but it’s working and I’m making progress. When we started last week I couldn’t even run the 1st lap to the corner but today I ran to both corners and walked the stretch. He lost me when we started doing skip jumps and shuffling around the corners. Lol once again this isn’t “Hell Week” sir. It’s actually becoming more like “Hell Month” every day and just when I feel like I’m winded and can’t take anymore AJay shouts, “Breathe! C’mon! You got it!” We make it and she hi-fives me… now who could give up on that? Even if it is MONDAY! Uggghhh!