Posted on February 10, 2012


I was totally going to let this Jeremy Lin craziness go but between the ESPN analyst totally pumping it and NBA fans going wild I just couldn’t let it go.

Linsanity, Harvard Hero, Legend in New York…excuse me have you all lost your damned minds?

Legend? That’s a BIG word people and at the risk of sounding like a Hater (the most inappropriately-over-used word in sports) I’m willing to ask all of you to hold your horses.

Now before I move on let me say that I think Jeremy Lin’s story is awesome. He’s bounced around the league and now he’s shutting things down, silencing critics, and showing teams that passed on him or cut him (cough…cough…like the Golden State Warriors) what they’re missing.

Lin didn’t have a guaranteed contract before Friday. He’s been living with his brother and sister-in-law and even joked about spending the night on Landry Fields couch. Now he has a one-year deal worth the league minimum of $762,195.

The Palo Alto native has set Madison Square Garden on fire and Friday night the Los Angeles Lakers went up in flames. The New York Knicks beat the Lakers 92-85. Lin scored a career-high 38 points leading the Knicks to its fourth straight win.

NOW…as exciting as all that is…I have a problem with how some of us have started jumping the gun. I mean ESPN had the nerve to mention Lin and Kobe in the same breath. Those of you who know me know that I despise the Lakers but I am a sports fan so I have a problem with how this is being publicized. It almost reminds me of last season’s shenanigans when LeBron James was being compared to Michael Jordan. #childplease! Until LeBron can put a ring on it…make that six rings…I don’t want to hear it.

You just can’t make that comparison. It’s like comparing oranges and grapefruit and it quite frankly leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

My point is this…I understand the marketing side of it. The Knicks would be dumb not to milk it for all it’s worth, especially because the fans have suffered through so much agony; they are ready for some action.

According to USA Today, home and away Jeremy Lin Adidas Revolution Knicks jerseys are selling for $54.00 while the Adidas numbered road game T-shirts go for $24.95, and the Adidas “Linsanity” T-shirts cost $19.95. Add the fact that the guy is super humble, hard-working and likeable and you are in PR heaven. He’s the underdog and who doesn’t pull for the underdog?

I love it!

That said…I want Knicks fans to (please stop chanting MVP) be Knicks fans, public relations and marketing people to work it for all it’s worth and for media members to report the facts and STOP cheering and pumping it!

Linsanity is crazy and it will take care of itself but mentioning the guy with Kobe Bryant, and asking Kobe questions about him like he should care…after a week…well that’s just insane!