Super Bowl or Super Bust?

Posted on February 6, 2012


Super Bowl XLVI is in the books and I wasn’t very amused. That’s saying a lot coming from me because I normally enjoy the game even if I don’t care about the teams playing in it; this year was different.  It was kind of a snoozer lol…no seriously I took a nap after Madonna’s halftime performance.

I woke up in time to see the New York Giants last 88-yard drive that ended with a touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw.  That call in itself was interesting; Coach Bill Belichick had the Patriots defense hold off so the Giants would score and when Bradshaw realized what was happening he tried to stop at the one yard line but fell backwards into the end zone and scored.  Tom Brady got one last chance to lead his squad down the field but the Giants defense had his number as they have the entire season. Justin Tuck sacked him and his receivers couldn’t hold onto the ball so with five seconds left on the clock he desperately put the ball in the air…it bounced around and hit the ground. GAME OVER! The Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17.

The New York Giants have now defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl twice in four years. The 1st time the Giants were the under dog, this time they were seen as worthy opponents but the Pats didn’t seem to get the memo.

Here are some other fun facts surrounding Super Bowl XLVI:

-At age 65…Tom Coughlin is now the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl game. Hmmm I guess being old school isn’t so bad after all. I like his style and I’m glad he stuck to it.

– Eli Manning won his 2nd Super Bowl MVP award matching Bart Starr, Tom Brady and Terri Bradshaw. Joe Montana has three.

– ESPN reports that the game set a record for the most-watched TV show in U.S history. About 111.3 million viewers tuned in but I wonder if they watched the whole game, the halftime show or the end. After all “The Voice” did premiere after the game.

Now that I’ve covered the football side of things …let’s talk about the good stuff…bring on the B-List!

I spent the whole game asking, “Where is Peyton?” Apparently the Manning family is pretty superstitious and the last time Eli faced the Patriots he was in a separate box away from his family.  The Giants won in Arizona so he stayed away from the family suite again Sunday night. I’m not superstitious but the Giants won.

Every family has their thing and apparently Giselle Bundchen’s thing is telling it like it is! She was overheard saying that her husband {Tom Brady} couldn’t do it all. I’m sorry but it’s true. TMZ reports that as Giants fans heckled her she turned to a friend and said, “My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”  That is hilarious and I don’t blame her for saying that…the truth hurts. Deal with it!

NBC is going to have to deal with the backlash of Madonna’s halftime show. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A joined her as cheerleaders for a portion of the show and apparently M.I.A flipped off the cameras and NBC didn’t catch it in time to censor it. The National Parent Council is all over it so we will probably be forced to suffer through a few years of boring halftime shows like we did after Justin and Janet’s nipple scandal. I didn’t see M.I.A flip the bird until news organizations played it Monday morning. I didn’t notice and I don’t care…she shouldn’t have done it but we know why she did…PUBLICITY! Overall, I thought Madonna gave a pretty good show; but some people are giving her a hard time for lip singing. Child Puleeaze! That woman is 53 years old…moving and jumping like that…do you expect her to actually sing? I don’t think so!

Lastly I know a lot of people are talking about commercials today. I wasn’t overly impressed either way.

The highlight of the Super Bowl for me happened during the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation when a reporter poked his little head out and kissed the trophy. Sir! What are you doing? I mean I understand getting caught up in the moment but that wasn’t his moment.  I fell out laughing; turns out it wasn’t a reporter, it was Biff Henderson of The Late Show with David Letterman.

I’m sure all of you have your personal peaks and pits of Super Bowl XLVI. Kelly Clarkson definitely opened the event in perfect Super Bowl fashion but for me the game had BUST written all over it.