National Signing Day!

Posted on February 3, 2012


I went to bed Tuesday night knowing that National Signing Day was approaching but I didn’t expect ESPN to wake me up with an alert Wednesday morning that read, “ESPN NCAAF-ESPNU ranks Alabama as No. 1 recruiting class, landed 13 players in ESPNU 150, including 9 of top 60.” To which I replied, “Daggnabbitt! Another year of listening to these Bama fans {one in particular} yap away about how awesome they are….Roll Tide…Wonk! Wonk!”

Bama just keeps getting stronger! As predicted they rolled up the nation’s top recruits and against his mother’s wishes Landon Collins, the nation’s No. 1 safety, honored his commitment to the Tide. Collins is from Louisiana and his mom April Justin made waves in December when she abruptly expressed her disappointment with her son’s decision to roll with the tide.

Lol talk about a house divided….whew!

Anyway, it was an exciting day for NCAA football programs across the country. The big winners (after Alabama) according to seem to be Texas and Florida.

The Pac-12 didn’t do too badly either. Stanford, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington and Cal all made’s top 25 recruiting list.

Cal lost three top recruits after assistant coach Tosh Lupoi left the Bears for the Washington Huskies. DB Shaq Thompson is now headed to Washington while both WR Jordan Payton and DL Ellis McCarthy signed with the UCLA Bruins.

It looks like Cal fans will just have to hold tight. I know I’m biased but Thompson is a BEAST! I’m also a Cal fan and a Grant Union High School Alumni so I was looking forward to seeing those guys (especially Shaq) suit up for the Bears over the next few years.

Thompson cited other reasons outside of football in a text message to the Sacramento Bee. He mentioned Washington’s graduation rate and you can’t fault the man for wanting to secure his future outside of football. As a fellow Pacer that made me proud. #GOPacers!

As for Cal…Oh well, what happens to a dream deferred?

Norte Dame also took a slight hit. The Fighting Irish lost receiver Deontay Greenberry to Houston….that’s a little odd but Houston did have a pretty phenomenal season in 2011…to each its own I guess.

National Signing Day comes with so many highs and lows. Brandon Huffman, a analyst told the L.A Times, “If there is a theme to the 2012 class, it’s that a commitment doesn’t mean anything anymore,”

I wouldn’t go that far. First we have to remember that these are kids trying to decide what’s best for them, their families and their future. I didn’t play ball, didn’t have coaches and the media calling me and hanging on my every word and (at age 17) I’d narrowed it down to three schools, Long Beach State wasn’t one of them and that’s where I earned my Journalism degree. I said all of that to say, it happens; let’s cut the fellas a little slack here. Plus these coaches get fired and leave programs every season…leaving the kids behind. Ultimately, everybody has to do what is best for them…even if it means defying mom and playing for Alabama.