GIANT Mistake!

Posted on January 19, 2012


I got off Bart at the Embarcadero station in the city Thursday morning, picked up The Examiner and this was on the front page, “Giant Biden blunder

Dagnabbitt! JOE!!!!! Will you ever get it right?

Calm down! Think! Think again! And then Speak!

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his public flubs.

In 2008 he introduced Mr. Barack Obama as Barack America. Later that year during an appearance, he mistakenly said that he was running for president, not vice president. Then in 2009 after President Obama tried calming the nation’s concern for swine flu, he says he wouldn’t be traveling in any confined spaces, totally contradicting the message. Oh and who can forget him saying, “This is a big f—ing deal” over a hot microphone during the signing of the healthcare legislation by Obama in 2010.

I’m sorry that last blunder was hilarious! CNN played and replayed that moment for weeks and I watched and laughed hysterically every time.

Anyway…this last mishap didn’t go over so well inSan Francisco. Mr. Biden was speaking at a re-election event in the Financial District when he passionately stated, “The GIANTS are on their way to the Super Bowl.”

Uhhmmmm…Joe…What the Hell? You may want to take a step back SIR! lol

Of course, the crowd erupted with boos as he apologized. Biden explained that he’s accustomed to saying San Francisco and Giants together because of the recent World Series victory over the Texas Rangers.

Eeeek! Wrong sport…wrong team.

Ok Joe! The people of San Francisco may cut you some slack this ONE time but trust me you don’t want to get on their bad side. I’ve seen them Occupy this city and stalk its officials to no end. Oh and pulleezzee don’t get their counterparts in Oakland and Berkeley started, you won’t ever live it down.

It’s cool I think the crowd charged it to Mr. Biden’s head and not his heart but that’s one giant mistake you don’t want to make.

That has Southwest Airlines commercial written all over it! Lol wanna get away?