One and Done!

Posted on January 17, 2012


My Packers are done and I’m heart broken. I posted a video blog immediately after the game but recapping the whole game was just too much. After this post, I will officially accept defeat and let it go, if you guys allow me too.

I took so much heat after the Packers lost on Sunday and I will admit that I deserve some of it, but man you guys are brutal and heartless.

Especially the 49ers faithful; you guys are relentless.

I mean, I didn’t send not one text message as the score teetered back and forth Saturday; I stayed off Facebook and Twitter and then said congrats after the Niners pulled out an unbelievable finish.

It’s cool I will say this…the 49ers better bring it!  If not it’s on! I will dance on your broken hearts, like I’ve never danced before. You can view my vlog here:

That said…let’s talk about what went wrong for the Green Bay Packers.

It’s called DEFENSE! Oh My Gosh…The Packers had one of the worst ranked defenses in the league this year and Sunday they showed us why.

The 11-7 New York Giants found the Packers weakness but the Packers helped them with all of the turnovers and missed opportunities.

I respect the New York Giants but sheesh. It was all bad.

The last time the Packers faced the Giants the game was intense, the Packers beat them by three points at home so of course they were looking for vindication, and let’s just say they got it.

Eli Manning completed 21 of 33 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns.  Manning connected with Hakeem Nicks twice…both touchdowns knocked the wind out of the Packers as the Giants kept the momentum.

First, Nicks scored a 66-yard touchdown during the 1st quarter and then he did it again with six seconds left in the half. Instead of the Giants going for a field goal, Eli Manning put the ball in the air to complete Tom Coughlin’s version of the Hail Mary; he calls it a flood tip and let’s just say that when Nicks secured the ball on his helmet in the end zone and scored, he opened up the flood gates for what became a beat down.

What is it with the Giants and these “one-handed-helmet” catches? Goodness!

On the other side of the ball…the Giants defense gave it to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers completed 26 of 46 passes for 246 yards. He was sacked four times.

Daggammitt!!! I was SO MAD!

To add insult to injury, Rodgers only completed one pass the whole game for longer than 20 yards.

It was bad. I was stunned, the fans at Lambeau Field were stunned and the Packers withered away as the Giants advanced to the NFC Championship game to face the San Francisco 49ers.

The final score 37-20. That’s the beauty of the playoffs. It’s win or go home…in the case of the Packers…win or stay home. They’re staying home.

It’s one and done!



It’s been a while since I’ve done the B-list but the ratings that came in over the weekend definitely made the list.

The Packers-Giants game set an all-time record for viewers for a divisional round game.  The NFL reports an average of 45.1 million viewers tuned in last Sunday beating last year’s Jets-Patriots game by four percent.

The 49ers-Saints game pulled 35.6 million viewers and the Broncos-Patriots game brought in 34.2 million viewers. Both broke records for divisional round games played on a Saturday.