Baby…it’s Magic!

Posted on January 14, 2012


It’s been a long time since I’ve actually been able to enjoy an NBA game as a fan…and Thursday night I did just that! No work, no stats, no deadlines…just enjoying the sights and sounds of Oracle Arena.

Ok! You got me…I did take fan pics but blogging isn’t work…its therapy. Where else can you give your two cents and not take heat for it? Although, I will say that my friends and followers give me crap about all of my thoughts and opinions but whatever…I blast off any chance I get…you know that.

Back to the point! My night was awesome to say the least.

My friend and I sat behind a group of high school basketball players, who were accompanied by their coaches, a few girls from another high school basketball team, and across from a man who insisted on shouting, “I’m drunk and outta control!” To which I replied, “Sir you’re going to get ejected…SAT DOWN!” Yes we had a good time.

The Warriors came out on FIRE! I expected them too though, especially after the show they put on against the Miami Heat.

Golden State fans have really welcomed Nate Robinson; he’s a little guy with a lot of heart and the game to go with it. Dorell Wright and Kwame Brown were on the bench along with Stephen Curry who’s ankle just goes out when you blow on it…bless his lil heart. If this team can ever get healthy they may be able to do something. It seems like the fans just want another squad like the one from 2007 and who can blame them?

Those memories are bitter sweet…lol I’m still waiting for The Sacramento Kings to get another squad like the one from 2000. Chris Webber & Co. had fans excited, not only because they were winning but they played so well together. Oh and CDubb was a little eye candy for the ladies! Holla!

Wait where was I going with this? Oh yes…my point was that Jason Richardson dropping three pointers in Oracle Arena was pretty unamusing. He got booed anytime his name was mentioned. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he left the Warriors last year the way they heckled him. Tough Crowd!

Dwight Howard was also in the building…DUH!!!!! Ladies, I know you were waiting for that…who could miss chocolate shoulders?  Poor thing…the fans booed him too. I was quite tickled to see that happen especially with all of the rumors circulating about him being bay bound. Those boos would quickly turn into cheers as soon as he signed on the dotted line…even if it is for a year…lol Welcome to Oakland D!

Howard actually had a big night. He broke Wilt Chamberlain’s nearly 50-year-old record…but not the record a player is on his head to beat. He went to the line 39 times Thursday, to top Chamberlain for the most free throw attempts in a single game. He finished with 45 points and 23 rebounds. At one point my girl looked at me and said, “How many times is that man gonna go to the line and miss?” Well he made 21 of 39…but still that’s just crazy.  Howard can’t shoot a free throw to save his life. I wonder if it’s some kind of “Orlando Magic-Big-Man” curse. Lawd knows Shaq had the same issue, hence the term Hack-A-Shaq. It’s now become Hack-A-Howard…we will see how that works out.

All in all it was a good time but the Warriors couldn’t seal the deal. Monta Ellis had 30 points and 11 assists, and David Lee added 26 points and 12 rebounds, Andris Biedrins fouled out on the foul that helped Howard beat Chamberlain’s record and it was down hill from there.

My girl Asha is such a coach…she called it. Before the half she said, “If you keep sending him to the line he’s going to beat you at the line.”

That’s exactly what happened…Orlando finished the half with free throws and layups. Final score: 117-109.

The interesting thing is that the fans enjoyed every second of it…especially the young lady a few rows over from us who proudly waived her sign in the air, asking Dwight Howard to marry her, or sign her jersey. I guess either would do.’s great to be a fan! It’s simply Magical!


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