Bringing the Heat!

Posted on January 12, 2012


It’s January right?

You can’t tell in California…the weather is Sunny and the NBA teams are HOT!

Just ask the Miami Heat.

They fell short two nights in a row this week. First in Oakland against the Golden State Warriors where they lost 111-106 in overtime and then again in Los Angeles versus the Clippers, the final score 95-89.

Tuesday, Dwyane Wade returned to the line-up after sitting out three games with a foot injury. He put up 34 points but it simply wasn’t enough.

I don’t understand the Heat…they’re hot and then cold…kind of like the weather in Miami.

Anyway…D.Wade and company led by 17 points in the 3rd quarter and then fell apart scoring a total of 12 points during the fourth…LeBron only had three of those 4th quarter points…GO FIGURE!

James finished with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Meanwhile, Nate Robinson, Dorell Wright and Monta Ellis were lighting things up on the other end of the court. Wright finished with 20 points….six of those were three pointers…he finished with a double-double. The man was on FIRE but it was Nate Robinson who lit the spark, dropping a total of 24 points coming off the bench. He completely rallied that 4th quarter comeback.

Robinson could be just what the doctor ordered for this team, Coach Mark Jackson calls him a fighter and after bouncing around the league all of the years he definitely has the talent, tenacity and strength of a warrior.

That brings us to Wednesday at the Staples Center against the Los Angeles Clippers. This was Miami’s chance to prove that Tuesday night was a fluke…..uhhmmm not so much!

Chris Paul finished with 27 points and 11 assist while Blake Griffin and Caron Butler put up 20 points a piece.

LeBron James led the Heat in scoring with 23 points and 13 rebounds but he missed some key free throws that “clutch” players shouldn’t miss. He did however, tie the game with one of those free throws and put pressure on Chris Paul to force the game into overtime.

It was pretty much downhill from there. The Clippers outscored the Heat 9-3 in overtime. The Big Three missed a combined seven shots and the team was 1 for 10.

So much went wrong tonight for Miami. The Heat won two video reviews and couldn’t capitalize on them and then with 5 seconds left in regulation, Coach Erik Spoelstra was ejected. I guess he didn’t like that last jam by Jordan…whatever!

I suppose I’d be angry too if my squad came out and played like crap in front of a sellout crowd of almost 20,000 people. If you ask me it was misdirected. He charged the referee and started cussing him out when he should be fussing at his players.

The Heat better figure it out and fast! I’m not saying they’re in trouble but there are some things that they may want to work on…or they may find their hot selves at home in May.

Speaking of putting in work…Kobe Bryant also had another big night. The Black Mamba has been killing it lately. I don’t know how this bionic man is doing it at age 33 with a bad wrist and surgically-repaired knees but he put up 40 points in overtime Wednesday night against the Utah Jazz and 48 points Tuesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Phoenix Suns.

Kobe has put up 88 points in two nights. He’s playing Lights OUT!

I’m not a Lakers fan and I’m not a Kobe fan but I am a sports fan and we all know what happens when Kobe gets in a zone. I think we can all blame David Stern for that big chip he has on his shoulder this season.

Kobe is already a beast but now he’s going to blaze any and everything in his path.

Every night…you can count on him to Bring the Heat…hmmm maybe Miami should try it!


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