Posted on January 10, 2012


Somebody please explain how an undefeated squad, rips through the regular season and falls apart in the national title game….anybody care to share?

The 2011 Allstate BCS National Title game was ridiculous from start to finish. Beginning with the fact that Alabama was voted into the number two spot by BCS voters back in December and ending with the fact that LSU crossed the 50 yard line one time in four quarters.

Uhhhmmm Fancy what the hell??????

The final score 21-0…Alabama. Yes Bama is responsible for the first shut out in the 14-year history of the BCS and they did it with five field goals by Kicker Jeremy Shelley. But honestly, until Trent Richardson scored on a 34 yard run, this game was uneventful, especially because that run came with 4:36 remaining in the 4th quarter. At least there was an actual touch down this time around and I suppose Shelley made up for the three field goals he missed a few months ago….but somehow the previous match up was exciting. LSU players actually came to play football…tonight…not so much!

I am such a fan of defense that under normal circumstances I wouldn’t mind a low scoring, hard hitting, defensively sound game, but we just saw these two teams on CBS. Therein lies the problem for me. Contrary to popular belief I don’t feel like Alabama deserved to be the number two seed because unlike the other one loss teams in the BCS rankings, Bama was the only one that didn’t represent its school in a conference championship game. Many of you will disagree…but I’m an SEC fan and as a fan I feel like the BCS played us (again).

I know I’m beating a dead horse but facts are facts and as of Monday night the fact is that Alabama has taken that shiny, little crystal ball home twice in three years!

More fun facts; the LSU Tigers were outgained 384-92 in total yards and only had five 1st downs. Jordan Jefferson was sacked four times and had 11 of 17 passing for 53 yards. Oh and the honey badger wasn’t sweet tonight at all #HatedIT!

On the other hand the offensive MVP, A.J. McCarron finished with 23 of 34 passes for 234 yards. Trent Richardson added 96 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown. Alabama’s defense held it down like always. Defensive MVP, Courtney Upshaw occupied LSU’s backfield all night, putting up seven tackles, and a sack.

Coach Nick Saban also posted a few numbers of his own Monday night. Saban has now coached three teams to BCS National Title games and won; two at Bama and one with LSU. How Ironic!

There’s no disputing Alabama’s win…but I will be so glad when college football develops a playoff system. I’ve been a patient, dedicated fan but this year I’m fed up. Anytime, the title game is less impressive than the bowl games leading up to it, we have a BIG problem.

Whether you’re rolling with the tide or tweeting Geaux Tigers, you have to admit we have seen better title games in the past.

I’m secretly hoping that the ratings will reflect what I and so many fans already know…this game sucked.

I was bored and unamused!

If you don’t agree…lol SEAUX What!!!