Bringin Down the House!

Posted on January 5, 2012


Fellas I apologize in advance. I promise I’ve been watching all the college bowl games and I will be recapping them just before the LSU-Alabama game, but this story about Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, just really tripped me out. I seriously did not intend for the first story of 2012 to be about this…but please be patient with me.

Now…Ladies….please help a sistah understand, how one demolishes a $12 million mansion. I mean, Elin went bad on Tiger when she found out about his cheating ways; the woman chased him down and beat his tale with his golf clubs. I get that! (Violent but I get it!). Buying what most would consider a dream home and then destroying it? I’m not with that! Has this woman gone mad?

TMZ (yes I’m quoting TMZ again…cringe!) is reporting that Elin purchased the 9,000 square foot home inNorth Palm Beach,Floridawith the money she received from her $100 million divorce settlement with Tiger.

But get this…she doesn’t like it! So why not just buy a house you like Elin? If six bedrooms and eight bathrooms isn’t quite your style…walk away!

I guess I could justify this if it was a home that she lived in and owned with Tiger. You know it’s kind of a waiting to exhale moment…he burned me I burned the house…ok?

But this isn’t his house…it’s hers…she chose it signed for it and has now hired a fancy architect to build what she calls a dream home. TMZ also says that every single contractor on this “dream home” project was required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

I guess we are starting the New Year with the ultimate blast because this chic gives new meaning to the phrase “Bringing down the House!”

Excuse me while I quote Jamie Foxx, “Elin What the Hell?”


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