These are the Breaks!

Posted on December 19, 2011


What a day! I woke up exhausted, got to church late and just as I thought my day was turning around…I looked at my phone only to learn that my undefeated Packers lost to the now (6-8) Kansas City Chiefs. Oh and the Colts won? WHAAAATTT!!!!!

The first message I saw was one from a friend and former co-worker, Jose Bravo, who once tagged my car (with his fingers)  in Dallas Cowboys stars, so of course he was waiting to bust my bubble. The post read, “I think your blog should start off with ‘The Pack was Wack today yo,'” lol. Thanks for the heads up Mr. Bravo.

It didn’t stop there. The other text messages, Facebook posts and Tweets poured in for about an hour, and all I could do was take it.

I understand that I bark the loudest and hardest, so I had it coming.

I am biased when it comes to my squad but I’m also woman enough to admit that the Pack didn’t attack today at all. I don’t really care about having a perfect season and I couldn’t care less that the 19-game winning streak has ended, but losing to the Chiefs (19-14) is just WEAK!

I’m actually glad that the Packers lost now; ending the hype and shaking the curse surrounding an undefeated season….but they may have lost home field advantage.

I could give you the official post-game break down, but reliving it is just way to painful so I will say this…Greg Jennings, get well soon; Driver and Finley, stop dropping passes; and Defense, the next time you board a team plane please make sure you’re ready to play after suiting up. The Packers De has been strong for as long as I can remember…I’m not amused! Aaron Rodgers can put points on the board but there are two sides to the line of scrimmage…protect your side! The offensive line has also sustained some injuries….but no excuses. The Packers play the Bears on Christmas day and then the Detroit Lions…from there they have a bye week and then it’s WIN or Go Home!

The Green Bay Packers didn’t just lose. Let’s be real… The Chiefs beat them; they came to play. Hats off to Romeo Crennel, who was named interim coach last week, and Kyle Orton, who threw for 299 yards Sunday. That was an upset if I’ve ever seen one.

I was upset for sure….and all of my friends gave me the business about it. Thanks for calling me out!

The last tweet came from my boy A.O., who sent a twit pic of his best friend wearing a Kansas City Chiefs shirt. Thanks!

Man, you Niner fans better hope you beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday… If not, I’m coming for you…especially because you just lost to the Arizona Cardinals. Yes….I’m bringing up old stuff, lol.

The Packers are now 13-1, and like Jose’s partner in (tagging) crime, Erick Chavez, so eloquently put it, “In the words of the wise man Jose Bravo… The Pack attack is WACK Yo!!!!!”  I disagree…but I can’t dispute that today was bad.

Hey….these are the breaks!