Enough is Enough!

Posted on December 17, 2011


Yes! It’s true…the 10 year marriage is over. Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce Friday, citing irreconcilable differences.

The journalist in me never thought I’d EVER say this but…celebrity website TMZ quoted sources Friday as saying Vanessa is ending the marriage because she believes Kobe has been unfaithful, again.

Excuse my childish reaction…when I say… DUH!

Big rings and other material things can only triage the wounds caused by adultery. I don’t know, maybe she believed he was a changed man after he was accused and cleared of sexual assault in 2003.

Kobe admitted to cheating but Vanessa stayed by her man’s side as she flashed a new 4million dollar diamond and moved into a brand new home. Money can buy a lot of things but it can’t buy trust.

You can trust that Vanessa is going to take Kobe straight to the bank though. They don’t have a prenup and she’s hired divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has worked with Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and, most recently, Maria Shriver and Kim Kardashian.

Uh-OH!!!! Wasser means business and Kobe is worth an estimated 420 million dollars in 2012.

This is California, Vanessa is going to get half plus she’s asking for joint custody of their two daughters and spousal support.

I’d say it’s cheaper to keep her! Sheesh! Kobe and the Lakers don’t need any more drama so I hope this doesn’t spill over to the basketball court. Knowing Kobe though, he will just use all of this preseason craziness as a reason to turn into a mad man on the court as he has in the past.

Who knows why Vanessa suddenly had a change of heart about her husband’s infidelity but I guess we all reach a breaking point. Some tap out sooner and earlier than others but when one has had it…enough is enough.

Who knows? There could be a silver lining in all of this…this could be the beginning of something new for the divorcee.

Maybe Vanessa Bryant will hook up with Shaunie O’Neal and the other exes on Basketball Wives. The pair could run the reality television world like Kobe and Shaq ran the basketball world…I mean they already have the rings to show for it.

I’m sure VH1 is on the line as we speak!


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