Pack Attack!

Posted on December 4, 2011


Omg! The Packers almost gave me a heart attack Sunday afternoon. I almost lost my mind and ultimately lost my voice from all the yelling and screaming I did at the television.

I live in Oakland, CA now so I don’t get to watch my Packers the way I want to anymore unless I go to a sports bar to catch them in action. I prefer watching at home but hey…these are the breaks. Anyway, today after church I came home to an abundance of text messages, tweets and Facebook messages from friends saying that the Niners were winning and my squad was on the verge of losing. I was a little freaked out so I turned on the tube only to see that the San Francisco 49ers were molly-wopping the St. Louis Rams (duh they’re the Rams!)

Now before all of my Niner-friends start fussing and cussing at me…let me say that I’m not taking anything away from your squad. The 49ers haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002 and as a fan I feel your pain…so I’m happy for you. Your team has clinched the NFC West Title, so if and when we line up on opposite sides of the ball…it’s on! HA! I live by the motto “Ride with us or COLLIDE with US!” So you already know that it’s going down and it will make for some good trash talking and bragging rights amongst friends. The best is that it’s all of you (fellas) against sweet, lil-ole-me. So when we WIN I will be as obnoxious as I can possibly be….if we lose I will just turn off my phone, jump on your backs and put you in a head lock. Lol most of you know that I’m notorious for kicking the guys out after a loss and not much has changed!

What has changed is the 49ers mentality. I think it has a lot to do with the new head coach Jim Harbaugh…whatever it is its working and working well.

Frank Gore rushed for 73 yards Sunday passing Joe “The Jet” Perry for most in 49ers history. Gore is legit…can’t deny that! (See I’m not a hater…I’m a sports fan. But I won’t conform ahaahaha)

So…with the Niners game in the bag and the Green Bay Packers undefeated season on the line, Fox allowed its viewers to watch Aaron Rodgers work his magic.

Bay area viewers joined the game with just less than four minutes left in the 4th quarter…one point game. I was shocked and confused…and then I got a text from a friend that said “Any Given Sunday Remember?” The irony is that he was responding to my jab about the Rams-Niners game…but at that moment that text stung like hell.

Could the Green Bay Packers lose to the New York Giants? A team that’s lost their last three games? Is this really happening right now? #HeckNO!

The Packers were having none of that! Aaron Rodgers hit Donald Driver to go up


New York ball…Eli Manning moved his offense down the field and hit Nicks…then went for the two point conversion. I’m sorry…I know that going for two is what a team should do in this situation but MAAAAANNN! I felt like the Giants pulled that because they saw the defense folding.

If you know me you know that I’m a defensive chic all day…so you know how disappointed I am in the Packers defensive play today. Charles Woodson got injured during the 3rd quarter and the defensive unit felt his absence. Clay Matthews is just a beast regardless…so of course he got a pick during the second quarter and took it to the house for six, but overall, they’ve got to figure it out and fast.

Moving on….

Aaron Rodgers captured a piece of my heart Sunday. I’ve always maintained that I like A.R but that I couldn’t really give him the key to my “Packers-Heart” until I could trust that he knew what to do with under a minute left on the clock.

As a child I watched confidently as Brett Favre led the team down the field to score with 30 seconds or less left on the clock. My dad would look over and ask, “Whatcha think? I don’t know can he do it?” and before he could finish I’d reply, “Daddy we got this watch!” He always delivered…he was in control of the situation.

There’s that Sports Fan vs. Woman thing again. The sports fan in me has acknowledged Rodgers’ ability as a quarterback but the woman in me needs to trust that he’s got this!

A.R ran that offense like a G! Yes I said a G! lol

58 seconds left on the clock, he was poised, confident and precise. I on the other hand was losing my mind, jumping on the couch and running around my apartment screaming…that’s why he’s a QB and I’m a fan!

Anyhow, Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson, then Greg Jennings to put them in field goal position. Then with three seconds left A.R put his hand up, called timeout and Mason Crosby booted the ball for three points. (Now that’s how you lead an offense!)

The Packers pulled it out 38-35…still undefeated and now that the Lions have lost like I knew they would WE are NFC North Champs…Thank You very much!

I almost had a heart attack. The fellas downstairs came outside to laugh at me…whatever…they go wild for the Niners and Raiders I go wild for the Pack! And what?

The best part is that as all of this was happening, my Twitter, Facebook and text messages were going bananas and then the call came on que. It was my dad!

“Yea Dai…I don’t know nobody that can beat em. That was a close one there! They bad! I know you happy huh….whatcha think?” On que I replied, “Daddy we got this! A.R is the man… I guess I should tell my friends in Chico that their boy is alright with me! I almost had a heart attack but WE WON and I’m pumped! I trust that guy with the Rock!”

That my friends…is the epitome of a PACK ATTACK!