Championship Weekend!

Posted on December 4, 2011


I’m in heaven! I love NCAA Football’s Championship Weekend. It’s kind of bitter-sweet though because it’s a reminder that the regular season is ending, the BCS Bowl games are beginning, and then College Football is gone until next year. That also means that my girlfriends will get me out of

the house on Saturday afternoons…Right now that’s out of the question.

There are so many games happening this weekend that I wouldn’t dare try watching them all, but the key games definitely got my undivided attention.


Championship Weekend kicked off with Oregon-UCLA in the Inaugural Pac-12 Championship game. This game was actually a lot better than I thought it would be but we all knew Oregon was going to spank UCLA. Let’s face it, they only played in the game because the Trojans were hit with a two-year ban on postseason play.

UCLA (6-6) got whooped by USC (10-2) the week before they went to Autzen Stadium to face Oregon (10-2). The final score 50-0 meant UCLA’s coach Rick Neuheisel had to go…he was fired immediately.

I’m sure this wasn’t the matchup the conference envisioned as they scheduled this game but the show went on. I was shocked that UCLA didn’t lose worse than they did; they actually tried to hang with Oregon through the 4th quarter. Oregon beat UCLA 49-31 but the play of the game came from senior wide receiver Nelson Rosario. QB Kevin Prince threw a jump ball to Rosario; he caught it with one hand and stumbled into the end zone. It was NICE! He finished with five catches for 90 yards.

Running back LaMichael James also posted nice numbers in Friday’s championship game. James ran for 219 yards and three touchdowns, setting a league record with three straight 1,500 yard seasons. He’s definitely NFL bound.

Oregon is headed to the Rose Bowl to face Wisconsin on January 2nd.

One of my followers tweeted this Friday, “Reggie Bush would like to apologize to America for this game. He won’t, but he’d like to.” As rude as it is, I Agree!


Lately the SEC has been the topic of most of my college football discussions. I mean, it is what it is. LSU is number one and they are killing it. Nobody can deny that. Not Georgia, Alabama, or Arkansas…Need I go on?

LSU got off to a slow start in the SEC title game Saturday at the Georgia Dome. In fact, I was concerned when the Georgia Bulldogs held the Tigers to just 12 offensive yards during the 1st half. They had the ball seven times and punted each time, with a 1st quarter score of 10-0 and no 1st downs, the honey badger reared his sweet head.

Tyrann Mathieu returned a 62-yard punt for a touchdown in the second quarter that lit LSU’s fire, and Georgia couldn’t gain any ground from there. The Tigers are too much for any squad once they get started. That squad just gets it…Offense, Defense, Special Teams…They’re just beastly!

As for Mathieu…that guy is a human highlight reel. He put up a 47-yard punt return for a touchdown during the 2nd half. Cornerback Morris Claiborne sealed the deal with a leaping interception and 45-yard return for the 42-10 final.

LSU finished its season undefeated and is headed to the BCS National Title Game on January 9th…now we have to wait on the voters to see if they’re going to give Alabama a second shot at LSU or if they will send Oklahoma State.

Big 12

The Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game was a blow out. How does any squad get beat 44-10 in a championship game? They make UCLA look good.

You can believe that this win will definitely cause an uproar, and further, cause the conversation of a playoff system instead of the current BCS system.

I don’t know if any other team besides Alabama can even hang with LSU, but I also feel like Bama had a shot at LSU and lost, so why not send the Cowboys?

It’s all a big mess just like it is every year. Every year the BCS voters toy with our emotions and we allow them to…We know what’s going to happen year in and year out and we still return for the abuse and then shout, “Playoffs!” Our cries go unheard and we carry on. It is what it is…so we will just wait to see what happens when the votes come in on Monday.

Until then, here are a few of the other final scores from Championship Weekend.

ACC: Clemson 38 – Virginia Tech 10

Big Ten: Wisconsin 42 – Michigan St. 39

Mountain West: TCU 56 – UNLV 9

I can’t recap them all but I will say that Southern Mississippi ruined Houston’s perfect season beating them 49-28 in the Conference USA title game, and ending talks of the Cougars heading to a BCS Bowl game.

What a disappointment!

Here’s a look at the AP BCS Projections:

BCS championship game — LSU vs. Alabama

Fiesta Bowl — Oklahoma State vs. Stanford.

Rose Bowl — Oregon vs. Wisconsin.

Orange Bowl — Clemson vs. West Virginia.

Sugar Bowl — Michigan vs. Kansas State.


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