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Posted on November 12, 2011


It’s been quite a while since my last post…ok more than a while. I pretty much checked out for about a month, but life happened and for that I apologize. I won’t bore you with the details, many of you actually reached out and have been asking my thoughts and opinions on the latest sports headlines and that’s a good sign! I appreciate your support and I’m happy that you respect my perspective.

That said…I’m BACK! So much has happened in the sporting world since my last blast and most of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter so you have an idea of what I think.

Let’s jump right in and recap.


I’m ashamed to admit it but I’m not really into baseball until the World Series rolls around and as much as I hate that fan…I’m guilty! Anyway, Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals, they now have 11 World Series titles in the history of the storied franchise, placing them second all-time in World Series Championships. Lol now don’t ask me anything else about baseball or MLB moves unless there is a scandal lurking or the Dodgers find a legit buyer.

Moving on!


This is normally the time of year where my favorite sports merge and I’m in “Sports Fanatic Heaven”. Not this year because the NBA is still in a
lock out. Yes this sucks on so many levels. Not just as a fan, but from an economic stand point it’s just bad. The “Average Joe” slinging hot dogs, checking tickets and attending parking lots isn’t working right now. Small business owners around the arenas are losing money and the hard-working front office staffers around the league (some of which were laid off) are awaiting the green light.

The preseason was lost….as of now the month of November is gone and as I type this post the owners have put a new deal on the table that will allow for the season to start on December 15th giving fans a 72-game season. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that when the buzzer sounds the season isn’t over.

Until then we can all watch NCAA basketball…it started this week too.

That brings me to FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s now week 10 and of course my Packers are 8-0. The offense is killing it but let’s be real I became a Pack fan because of Mr. Reggie White and I’m disappointed in the defense. I was elated to see this quote from Charles Woodson, “Yeah, we’re 8-0…Offensively, we’re outstanding. Defensively, we’re a liability on the team.” Ok so now that we agree….let’s get this thing going! The Packers rule the NFC North. I’m not concerned about Minnesota this week but the Detroit Lions are right behind us at 6-2 and they are taking care of buiz in a real way. The Thanksgiving Day game will be interesting. As for the Bears…that squad can get it anytime they want it lol it’s nothing! #Beardown!

The San Francisco 49ers are 7-1 and 1st in the NFC West….who saw that coming after last year’s catastrophic season? The Raiders signed Carson Palmer and T.J Houshmandzadeh and although they got the W in San Diego Thursday, I’m don’t know if I’m buying or selling this team.

Tim Tebow is now the starting Quarterback in Denver and I’m still unamused. It’s just down right sad in Indy….at 0-9 fans have given up on prayer and are looking to draft Luck in April.

The Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be the dream team and their season has turned into a real nightmare!

Eli Manning and the New York Giants  just knocked off the Pats….lol bye-bye Brady. Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco hasn’t scored this season, Albert Haynesworth got cut (shocker!) The Patriots are a hot mess to say the least.

The Dolphins finally got the W against the Chiefs last week but that team’s talent is pretty much M.I.A.

Lastly, The NFL fined Steelers DB Ryan Clark for his hit on Dickson during Pittsburgh’s loss to Baltimore. Clark’s fine was $40,000 for a hit that he and his coach thought was clean. In fact, Tomlinson had just showed the play during Wednesday’s film session as an example of a clean hit. Of course Clark had words for Commissioner Goodell. He was just fined 15k last week and accepted that fine this time not so much.

“This time it’s wrong.” Clark said. He then criticized Commissioner Roger Goodell, “not that I respected Roger before this.” Clark t went on saying that if he’s going to get hit with such a big fine on what he,[Steelers head coach] Mike Tomlin and teammates believe was a clean hit, “I might as well put him to sleep for real or take out the receiver’s knee.” Eek let’s not go that far Ryan. Ray Lewis was hit with a fine too….maybe the commish was trying to even the score.

Week 10 will be interesting to say the least.


Last week’s heavily touted “Game of the Century” was awesome. LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 in overtime. I know most of you West Coast (ers) disagree but the SEC is known for its hard-core defenses and that’s exactly what we saw! I disagree that the game was the game of the century but the ratings don’t lie. Like it or not the fans tuned in….last Saturday’s game produced an 11.9 rating. So take that!

LSU remains number one in BCS standings. Oklahoma State is 2nd, Alabama dropped to
3rd and Stanford is repping the Pac 12 at number 4. I’m not on the Stanford
bandwagon by any means but the program has turned itself around…for now. We
will see what happens next year after Andrew Luck goes to the NFL.

There are some nice matchups happening this week and I’m excited to see how the rest
of the NCAA Football season pans out…you never know what could happen…especially
with BCS rankings on the line.

Penn State also has a lot on the line, this “Jerry Sandusky Scandal” has rocked the Nittany Lions to the core. Joe Paterno and everybody involved was fired or placed on leave while the university investigates.

I feel for the victims and while it’s not the popular opinion I think “JoePa” did his part as an employer. I feel like he’s being crucified when Sandusky is the monster. Overall, there are no winners. The bottom line is that children were hurt and that is despicable. I hate that Joe Paterno’s legacy at Penn State ended this way but nobody can take his phenomenal career away from him.

Whew! I think I’m all caught up.

Wait! The boxing world lost a legend. Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier died this week. “Smokin Joe” was apart of a boxing era that changed the way men stepped into the ring and for that fans are eternally grateful.

Bailey’s Blast

This week’s blast goes out to all sports fans….when life happens somehow sports gives us a way out. Just like our favorite teams we play hard knowing that when the buzzer sounds we’ve left it all on the field, court or in the ring. WIN or LOSE, we keep showing up and with time we get better and stronger. #THATSLIFE!


This post is dedicated to Tevita ‘Teiko” Vaea…one of the biggest football fans I know. #RestInLove!

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