Know Your Role!

Posted on October 10, 2011


I get it! Some fans still hate Tiger Woods. If that’s the case
don’t support him but how long should the man pay for something that happened
two years ago?

Woods lost his family, reputation, endorsement deals and he didn’t
play golf or participate in any PGA activitiesfor almost a year. Plus, he still hasn’t found his groove since it all happened and let’s face it, his career has pretty much gone down hill.

Don’t get me wrong I was appalled by all of the women he’d slept with and disgusted at how his wife was thrust into this media whirlwind fueled by the tabloids but I think she let him know that she wasn’t
having  it after she hit him with that golf club. My point is this…fans really should learn their role as fans.

Sunday, during the Open as Woods stood on the seventh
green about to take his birdie putt, a man came out of the crowd, ran toward
him and threw a hot dog his way (HOW DUMB IS THAT?)  The man then dropped to the ground with his hands behind his back and allowed himself to be arrested. Onlookers reported, the bun fell just short of Woods and the hot dog flew onto the green. Tiger missed the putt but he carried on as if nothing even happened. He later laughed about it (he’s better than me.)

Excuse me…..BUT who does that? I for one think that fans are delusional about their role in the lives of professional athletes. This just in! If you don’t like a sport, team or player stay home, or turn the channel but don’t act out! These men and women don’t owe fans anything that doesn’t fall under the
wins and losses category.

Athletes are people…but somehow they’re expected to turn the other cheek and allow people to say and do what they want to them because they
make a lot of money. I was on Twitter today and noticed that someone had sent Quarterback Terrell Pryor mean tweets. That’s internet bullying right? Now if Pryor responds (and GOD forbid he respond the way I would lol) he gets more bad press, a scolding or fine from his team and/or the NFL and a bunch of misguided criticism from fans.

I don’t condone violence but I also have a low tolerance for foolishness! Let’s not forget why the big melee happened during the Pistons-Pacers game in 2004. Fans started throwing things and Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson weren’t having ANY of it. I can’t say that I
blame them. It turned into a big brawl which was unfortunate but fans have to be held responsible.

The hotdog-thrower was arrested but the incident in itself (as silly as it was) reminded me of how ridiculous some fans act. That said,
ridiculous fans…You’re on BLAST! #GETitTOGETHER!


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