Pink Jerseys Make Me BLUE!

Posted on September 25, 2011


Today I want to take a break from all of the games on television. (I will post about that later…TRUST!)

As much as I hate to admit it, fashion and football go hand in hand! Ladies all over the country get up on Sunday mornings rockin their team colors, cute earrings, jeans, kicks and (every girl’s fav) MIMOSAS.

My favorite is the chic who could care less about her Fantasy Football lineup but joined just to beat her boyfriend and his know-it-all friends. She wears her jersey…talks her trash and schools them all even if she has no idea why she chose Adrian Peterson as her starting running back. Then you have the hard core mamas who eat, sleep, live and breathe football, like me! Whatever category you fall under is fine by me…as long as you do you and you’re stylish with it…we are good.

My problem is with the PINK jersey! Not the “Think Pink” jersey that’s marketed during the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I’m talking about the pink team jersey with rhinestones on it. I don’t know why that jersey annoys me so much. Wait, yes I do. That style has been around for a while, but then a few years ago, the trend got out of control. I noticed a spike in pink jerseys after Jessica Simpson was seen in one at the Dallas Cowboys game, while she and Tony Romo were dating. ANNOYING!!! I mean if you’re going to rock your man’s number…rock your man’s number! You can’t distinguish that watered down pink, bedazzled thing from one team to the next.

The NFL was clever in its marketing though. They made the ladies’ cut in regular team colors for those of us who love our teams and the pink ones for those of us who don’t really care. I mean, it’s a win-win for them. Either way we spend money! Right?

WRONG! It’s the classic “pink is for girls” mentality. “Make it pink and they will buy it!” I mean, that works for little girls…but WOMEN need color. We are bold, vibrant and vivacious. Plus the ladies’ jersey hits all of our curves in all of the right places…DUH!

So with that said… I challenge all of the ladies to get with it! Even if you aren’t obsessed with this fabulous game of football I encourage you to step outside of that “vanilla” pink zone and rep your team or your man’s team colors. Lol…we look damned good in jerseys…your own or his. (He will definitely enjoy the way you look in his jersey…just don’t spill on it!)

I have to say that most of the ladies in my circle have the game day jersey situation on lock. Even if you’re not a jersey girl…the cute Tee does the job. One of my good friends (T.Dale) has a Chargers T-shirt that’s to die for… it’s blue and gold and blinged out! I personally still wear my oversized Brett Favre jersey (I know I shouldn’t but I still love him). I recently added the most obnoxious yellow yoga pants to my game day wardrobe too….they don’t leave my house… well, yes they do, but only if I’m going to a friend’s house. Lol that’s beside the point though! I’m FLY! ahahhahaha

Bailey’s Blast!

If you have a PINK JERSEY! Ur on BLAST! TOSS IT ASAP! Sorry…I’m not the only one who thinks the pink jersey is a cop out! Make a statement already! Your pink jersey makes me BLUE!

That said, I have to give my mentor, friend and Big “lil” Sis a SUPER DUPER Birthday shout out! Ta’Nisha Cooper is such a Fashionista so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw a picture of her in Champ Bailey’s authentic game-worn jersey. It’s hittin in all of the right places. Thanks for proving my point Ms. Cooper!

T.Coop may not be a psychotic football fan like ME (Bailey)…but she’s rockin the Blue and Orange like a CHAMP! YOU GO GIRL!


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