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Week 2 in the NFL has come and gone…and at the risk of sounding like a “girl” I’m willing to say that I’m over this NY Giants-St. Louis Rams game! Monday Night Football match-ups are supposed to be eye catching but anything surrounding the Rams (even with Steven Jackson in the lineup) is a dud! lol #hatedIT!

Soooo with that said…let’s talk about the teams -Quarterbacks in particular-  that did make waves this week. There was such a buildup going into week 2 because Michael Vick went back to Atlanta as Philadelphia’s starting Quarterback! I mean he’s apologized every way but the right way for his dog fighting ring, but somehow it’s still relevant. At what point do we stop judging him and let the man play ball? He did go to prison, did community service, lost his property, dignity and on top of all that he still owes owner Arthur Blank money from his former contract…LET IT GO ALREADY! After all, the people of Atlanta have definitely put it behind them. We saw that Sunday night! The Georgia Dome was packed with Michael Vick (#7) jerseys, and I actually felt the enthusiasm leave the stadium after Vick left the field with a concussion and bleeding tongue in the third quarter. Falcons fans were happy for the WIN but something tells me that they would have been excited to watch the “Mike Vick” show too.

Vick fumbled twice and threw an interception. The Falcons turned two of those mistakes into touchdowns, so overall, the dirty bird’s defense was just too much for Vick and the Eagles. Second string QB Vince Young is hurt so Mike Kafka came in for the first game of his two-year career, and it just wasn’t enough. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan threw a career-high four touchdown passes. Tony Gonzalez was on the receiving end of two of those passes beating the Eagles 31-17.

Side note: Is it me or has TE Tony G. found the fountain of youth? Most players are considered “old” at age 30…he’s 35 and doing his thing! That guy gets bigger, better, stronger and cuter as time goes on!

Moving on….the Cowboys beat the 49ers (27-24) in overtime. Quarterback Tony Romo actually left the game with fractured ribs in the 2nd quarter. He rallied his guys back from a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit after back up QB Jon Kitna stunk it up with several interceptions. Doctors determined Monday that Romo also suffered a punctured lung in the WIN over the 49ers. I’m so sorry…say what you will about Tony Romo folks but if my lung is punctured…I’m OUT! Jerry Jones would have to find somebody else to push around until my lungs stopped resembling a Whoopee cushion! ahahahahah

Speaking of hot air…somebody get ESPN’s Ron Jaworski a three second delay before he cusses live on the air again. It’s sure to happen with Tom Brady putting up numbers like he has the last two weeks. Is it just me, or should model Gisele Bundchen be worried about this lopsided BROMANCE?

NO? Okay then…back to football. Tom Brady set an NFL passing record Sunday, overshadowing rookie quarterback Cam Newton’s performance just hours earlier. Brady threw for 423 yards just six days after setting a single-game team record of 517, leading New England to a 35-21 win over the San Diego Chargers. He now holds the new record with 940 yards.

Last but certainly not least…Rookie QB Cam Newton is doing his thing! I love the kid, except when he’s playing against the Green Bay Packers…of course! Just one week after passing for 422 yards in his rookie debut, he turns around and sets another record by passing for a rookie-record of 432 yards and a touchdown in his home debut against my boys. I feel bad for the guy because he plays his heart out and it’s not enough. The Panthers lost 30-23 to the Packers….He threw three interceptions…..two of them by Mr. Charles Woodson! We are now (2-0) Thank YOU Very Much!!!!

I do hope, for Cam’s sake, that the Panthers can and will pull it together or I may have to start a new section titled, “When BAD teams happen to GOOD players!” He’s so legit…I believe that teams will start game planning specifically for him soon…just to contain his beastly arm and skill set!

Bailey’s Blast! That said….today’s Blast goes out to Rookie Quarterback Cam Newton! Not only has he lost two weeks in a row after putting up stellar numbers, but Tom Brady has also over shadowed those numbers with better ones. He also took so much flack last year at Auburn that I’m glad he’s living up to the hype! YOU BETTAH GO BOYYYYY!

B-List! Sometimes as a sports fan I get so caught up and don’t realize that the rest of the world doesn’t care about *football* as much as I do! Well last night the world apparently cared.
According to Nielsen ratings, “Sunday Night Football” on NBC dominated with 17.8 million viewers, while FOX’s Emmy broadcast only had about 10.3 million viewers. Lol, I’m glad the rest of the world is finally seeing things the way I DO! Sheesh, it’s about time!

– Sooo…I guess this is the weekend for head butting. Atlanta Falcons cornerback, Dunta Robinson, was fined $40,000 Monday for the hit he laid on Eagles’ Jeremy Maclin. Robinson is a repeat offender. He actually did the same thing to WR Desean Jackson last year, giving him a concussion. If he doesn’t get it now he will never get it! I’m all for defensive plays but anytime a player leads with his head, it’s all bad! #check’sINtheMail!


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