Hands Down!

Posted on September 18, 2011


I love Saturdays! It’s normally the day that I strive to sleep in, but for some reason during football season I wake up SUPER early. I have a routine. Wake up, watch College Gameday on ESPN, clean my apartment and then watch NCAA football ALL day! I personally think it’s awesome…but my girlfriends normally disagree.

So the day started off like I knew it would…..but at nine o’clock it all changed. Today was a little different because I thought this blog post would be about the Clemson-Auburn game, UCLA-Texas, Miami-Ohio State and I just knew that I’d be blasting Oklahoma-Florida State … but the sports world changed its focus and so did I.

College football took a back seat to boxing the second, unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. returned to the ring Saturday night at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. He faced 24 year old Victor Ortiz and I will say that I was a little nervous for “Money Mayweather.” Mostly because he was returning from a 16 month hiatus and was facing a younger, heavier opponent in Ortiz. Boy was I wrong!

The fight got off to a good start. I’m not going to bore you with the play by-play but I will say that Mayweather won the 1st three rounds 10-9. In the 4th round…things went south. As the two were going blow for blow Ortiz landed a few combos and sealed the deal with a head-butt. (What a JERK!) All I could think and shout is “Excuse me sir this is boxing not cage fighting! What the hell?” The referee broke it up…Ortiz apologized…the guys tapped gloves….the bell rang…Mayweather backs up and bops him in the head with a left and before Ortiz knew what hit him Mayweather hit him in the jaw and knocked him down. Fight Over! Mayweather WINS hands down!

Now suddenly….fans, officials and the media are crying foul and questioning Floyd Mayweather’s sportsmanship. I’m sorry it’s a fight. If you head butt an opponent be prepared to get chin-checked. This just in Ortiz…you can’t fight dirty and then try to make it right with a hug! A boxer should never drop his hands. That’s a hot mess if I’ve ever seen one! Ortiz has nobody to blame but himself…he lost the fight because of his own foul play and somehow that’s Mayweather’s fault?

NOOOO!!!!!! Maybe it’s just easier to make Mayweather the villain in this instance because he’s so arrogant and out spoken that he offends some people. I’m sorry….Boxing isn’t about making friends it’s about laying your opponent OUT! He did that! Once the men tap gloves and the bell rings…That’s A Wrap! If you wanna watch guys play patty cake and hug…you’re watching the wrong sport!

Mayweather taught Ortiz a valuable lesson about what happens when you drop your hands!

Sooooo with that said, today’s Blast goes out to Victor Ortiz. Never put your hands down homey!


Clemson laid Auburn down cold…snapping their 17-game winning streak. Tajh Boyd threw for 386 yards and four touchdowns in Clemson’s 38-24 victory over the defending national champions. It’s cool Auburn gets it tonight and Cam Newton gets it tomorrow when he plays my Packers! I will be at church and the Rookie is going to school! lol

– Shout out to sophomore receiver Kenny Shaw from Florida State. Shaw caught a pass early in the 2nd quarter from quarterback E.J. Manuel in the end zone. It looked like a touch down but as Shaw laid there unconscious the instant replay showed fans that the ball slipped out of his hands after he was hit by two defenders. The hit wasn’t dirty but it was violent. Shaw was carried off on a stretcher and taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where he was examined. Shaw returned to the sidelines with three minutes left in the game (what a relief).