World Order is Restored…Football Is Back!

Posted on September 9, 2011


After a tumultuous offseason (filled with doubt on when and if
the NFL season would start on time, long drawn out meetings between the NFLPA and the owners, what seemed to be a hail mary attempt at getting the new CBA signed, teams scrambling to trade, sign and resign players, plus a random preseason) the NFL season FINALLY kicked off as planned without a glitch!

All is right in the world and my Packers are looking better than ever!

Now… I will admit that I’m a tad bit biased because I’ve been a Packers fan since I was about 14 years old but NBC couldn’t have scripted a better opening if they tried. Most networks were airing President Obama’s speech on jobs but prempting the pre-game show meant that NBC would lose ad dollars and ultimately cost some peopletheir jobs so in support of the economy and Mr. Obama…the show went on!

There wasn’t a dull or dry moment! Four quarters, wall to wall action! The Packers struck 1st and put six on the board on the opening drive (so much for the Saints not allowing an opening drive TD..toss that useless tidbit). Of course, the Saints fumbled and the Pack recovered the rock so Rodgers hit Nelson…obviously the xtra points were good and we went up 14-0! #LambeuLEAP!

The Pack actually scored 3 touch downs in the 1st quarter but who’s counting? lol apparently Mr.Sproles was counting because he was having none of that! His punt return tightened things up 17-21. I thought I should mention it because you won’t see his awesomeness on any ESPN highlights tonight…Randall Cobb nipped that in the bud when the 2nd rounder/gymnast scored on a 108 yard kick off return…No
Biggie! Right? lol it’s only the 2nd longest play in history!

Let’s fast forward because I’d hate to bore you with minor details..the point here is The Pack Won! (42-34)

The Packers DE stuffed the Saints last attempt at scoring on the 1yd line. I’m not sure why Mark Ingram thought that he would ever leap over the likes of Barnett and Matthews! Well we know why…they thought they’d score and go for a two point conversion! #hatedIT!

The Cheese heads look GOOOD…. especially after not practicing together this summer. The defense is looking phenomenal like always! It’s a win-win for me! I fell in love with the Pack as a child because my father always preached defense and with the Minister of Defense (Reggie White) taking cats to church every Sunday I couldn’t go
wrong….he’s definatley smiling down on this team.

Bailey’s Blast!

Speaking of smiling …Charles Woodson won’t be smiling when Mr.Commish sends that fine in the mail…who throws body blows out in the open? Duh…thats what the pile is for! Dude is on Blast for his childish behavior…I will admit that it was

The B-List!

– Donald Driver is now tied with James Lofton who currently holds the Packers franchise mark for career yards receiving with 9,656….2 big nights in a row….Congrats on his
new baby girl Charity born 9/7/11. (Somebody should have warned him about little girls named Charity…his world will never be the same again!

-This is the first time ever both quarterbacks in a season opener had over 300 yards 3TD’s and no interceptions.

Looks like the 2011 NFL Season is off to a GREAT start.